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Successful Website Marketing Strategy . Sweet Smell Of Success

Aug 10, 2008
How does one research a successful website marketing strategy, put it into action and oversee its success? Search Engines like Google, Yahoo & MSN and live search are the ways of directing traffic towards your website. But what is the secret of successful placement? Is it just luck? Or does search engine optimization (organic search), pay per clicks (PPC paid search), affiliate marketing, e-mail marketing, forums, blogs, affiliate marketing, viral marketing, social bookmarking articles and your own videos.

Firstly lets considero online advertising or on line marketing is not much different from direct marketing and have the same key marketing tasks like marketing plan and the marketing research ethos.

Search engine optimisation (seo) is an organic way to promote your website on top of all the search engines. White hat SEO, black Hat SEO are different strategies which are being practiced by many websites in the current market situation and No one in this dynamic world has time to do the transaction physically. If you are wandering what white and black are, well just think of good and evil. Short term black hat techniques may buy you temporary success, but take note it will be only temporary and search engine will soon catch up with you, especially the big ones.

What are black hat techniques which Google do not like. Well, buying thousands of links, joining link farms duplicate copy and getting your friends on click on on your google ads all qualify. Remember Big Brother is wathing! Advice? Stick to white hat! I.e. gradual organic growth over a couple of years is the best route to success.

This is where your website marketing strategy plays and immortal role to be at the top of all the search engines. Their are loads of seo companies promising to get you to the top, and some will. But under what key word? Make sure your successful website marketing strategy has long term written into it! Sure invest some money in your e-commerce website but beware of falling for the something for nothing scenerio. Lets face it if it is that great wouldnt every company be at the top of the search engine!

Article are a great way of becoming an expert in your field. They give great links but also get your site noticed because of the fresh content. And fresh and original content is what the search engines and your customers are looking for. And will mean the sweet smell of success for you!

Getting surfers to bookmark and return to your site will depend on how well you promote it. The blueprint for success will also depend on good web designing, title of the page, description, keywords, content, img alt tags, alt tags, h1 and h2 headers, and fresh original content.

At the end of the day if you decide to take the long term view eventually you will get good rankings with google, the daddy of them all. Will you have the patience to succeed well only you can answer that!
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Recognition came at the top of the list on a recent employee morale survey ? Well just what is the blueprint of success? Derek has a great interest on the subject of the sweet smell of success, especially in the field of successful website marketing.
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