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Tips for Building an Ecommerce Website

Aug 10, 2008
One way is through service providers who can build the site for you at an affordable price. The other way is you can build it yourself. Of course you require some skills in using a software tool which provide facilities to build web pages. Here are some tips for building a good ecommerce website The main aim of any ecommerce website is to sell their products.

The website should be like supermarket where buyers can navigate easily. People like to visit aesthetically designed supermarket than the one that is shabby. This true for the ecommerce website also. Design a structured, well-defined paths for various products you are showcasing. The customer to should be able to easily choose the products and all the necessary information about the product so that they can make decision to buy.

You can showcase different web pages for different product groups and a good menu system to navigate. Your ecommerce home web page should clearly display various products the visitor can buy.

Do not be very verbose. Use Buttons and links. Use color and font sizes appropriately so that it is pleasing and readable. Avoid too much flashy content. Also do not crowd the page with too many buttons and links. One more important aspect is home page and all other pages should load quickly.

Have a search tool for your website in the home page so that the buyers can quickly get to the product they are looking for. One of the biggest mistakes made with ecommerce websites is not providing proper search tool. Display all the necessary details of the product in the same page. Do not make buyer to jump to innumerable pages and links. The price of the product should be displayed prominently in the product page itself. Do not put "Do you bother to checkout prices" option. It is irritating.

The product pictures should be clear with good details. Keep them small enough (in resolution, i.e. 500kb vs. 1500kb) so that they load quickly. The Internet speed varies depending on the type of connectivity the buyer uses.

With common sense and few tips you can always build a good ecommerce website. There are many resources on the Internet to help you. But if you choose to use the services of others you can always use these tips to evaluate the design done by your service provider.

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