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Creative Marketing Ideas for Your Business

Aug 10, 2008
If you need to market your company, you know that marketing is getting more competitive everyday. It seems each new day brings a different batch of marketing techniques, making it hard to keep up. If you want to make your product stand out in the crowd, it is important to find marketing techniques that will do just that. Get your team together now to start coming up with ways to make your marketing unique. Here are some tips to help get your brain jump started.

One of the best ways to sell a product is to get it into the eye of the media. Try looking up world records and find something related to your product. Make an attempt to break this record in some sort of public arena. This will bring out the media to cover this interesting story. Also, try sponsoring a local event or sports team. The coverage given to the even or team will benefit you as your company name and product will be publicized.

Besides supporting local events, use your business' profits to support a local charity that applies to your business and customers. This doesn't mean giving away large amounts of cash: instead try giving a percentage of customer purchases to this charity. This will give customers incentive to buy your product. Advertise your generosity by placing information about the charity on your product if possible.

Another way to get your product known is to send out a bi-monthly or monthly newsletter dealing with your business. Write about recent happenings and include coupons for discounts. Add some humor to articles written by employees or comic strips to make it more interesting. Finally, add a section focusing on customers such as "the question of the month" or "the customer of the month." For the latter you can pick a customer each month to interview and feature in the newsletter. Just make sure your newsletter is "opt-in" to avoid junk mail.

You can make your company more desirable to customers by creating a referral only business. This is not a good tactic for a business just starting, but once you've made a name for yourself you can become more exclusive. Being referral only will give your business an alluring nature and make potential customers interested in what they are missing out on.

Another way to give your company some credibility is to start creating articles and submitting them to article distributing sites. Write about topics that interest your customers and become an expert on the subject. Try to create "Top 10s", "How Tos" and "Tips" as these articles are more appealing to readers. Another way to gain credibility is to create an award sponsored by your business. Publicize this annual award and make it something local businesses aspire to win.

You can use your website to your advantage by creating an area specifically for customer feedback and comments. This should be a type of forum where customers can ask you questions as well as interact with each other. Not only will this make your more credible to your customers but it will give great feedback about your product. In this section of your site, offer discounts as incentives for repeat purchases and offers or free trials.

One of the best ways to get your product and business name known is to create something free to give away to customers. Such items range from a pen to a t-shirt-anything is good as long as your company name and information is printed on it. Just make sure the item you give away will be useful to your customer. Also, try to make the object something relevant to your company. For example, it you own a massage parlor, give away stress balls or small samples of massage lotion to your customers.

Lastly, always give serious thought to ever marketing idea you receive. Some may seem crazy, but it doesn't hurt to try them out. If the idea flops, you'll know not to do it again. If the idea is a success, you'll be happy you tried it. Try as many as you can to find what works right for your business.
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