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Affiliate Marketing Basics For Newbies

Aug 10, 2008
Affiliate marketing is the act of promoting another merchant's products on the internet. The affiliate earns a commission based on the number of referrals or sales directed to the merchant's website. This arrangement gives the internet newbie many benefits such as reducing the work required to start up a business.

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to start an online business. You can register to one or more affiliate programs, create a simple but effective website with links directed to the websites of the merchants. You do not need to upload hundreds of product images or pages of price structure. All of that work is done by the websites you are linking to.

You do not need to keep stock or get involved with delivery. You will have little or no customer service contact, depending on the type of products you are promoting.

Commissions for a pay-per-sale program vary depending on the arrangement with the merchant, who will be mindful of their profit margin. Some products in highly competitive industries may only return approximately 5%. Some digital products, such as downloadable ebooks, can pay 50% or more.

As an affiliate you will be assigned an ID number. This is usually added to the end of the merchant domain name and this produces your unique affiliate link. Each time a customer clicks on your link, either on your website or your advertisement, the merchant website tracks the visit. Affiliates can be paid by pay-per-click, pay-per-lead or pay-per-sale.

A lot of affiliate programs will offer training to help you build your business. Many will have advertising copy ready for you to use for your marketing efforts. If the merchant is very successful then chances are their sales material will be effective.

The merchant should provide you with a members area so you can track the internet traffic you are sending and the sales you are making. Detailed statistics help you work out important information such as the percentage of sales per visitors. This information helps you to compare with other affiliates and therefore work out if you are getting a good conversion. If your conversion is low then you can work out how to improve the situation.

A lot of the best advertising methods for affiliate marketing require you to write comments, reviews or articles on the products you are promoting. Constantly writing about products that bore you will also bore the readers. If you are passionate about the products you are promoting then your excitement will shine through. You will find writing easier with practice and your chances of success will increase.
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