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The Fonts Secret - Why Downloading New Fonts Can Be a Refreshing Change

Aug 10, 2008
Fonts are a subject that most of us don't necessarily give a great deal of thought to. But that some of us obsess over. In a way I think sometimes it's probably the online equivalent in terms of 'coolness' that being a trainspotter in the 'real' world is! In other words, some people are big into typographics and the wonders of fonts. While other people just don't see what all the fuss is about. They have their arial, times new roman or verdana. So who needs more?

Well, the real answer is that most websites could do with a radical re-think when it comes to their font and typography strategy. Because in reality it can play a big part in how the site looks.

Now, all of us know this intuitively. And so when someone points it out it seems as though we already 'know that' so why tell us again? And yet, think back to the last time that you did something as simple as write someone an email, or maybe even a letter (remember those?!) Did you use the same old verdana, arial or times new roman that you have been using for years? Or did you mix it up and genuinely do something different? My guess, and obviously it can only be a guess, because I can't stand next to you when you type your letters! Is that you probably weren't that adventurous when it came to the font you used.

Now, take that attitude and spread it over the internet and you have a world of websites that are all using the very same fonts. Now, this is not a slanging match against the old favorites that I have already mentioned. They are classics. A bit like Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen is a 'classic', or 'Hotel California' by The Eagles is a classic. There will always be a place for sitting back and enjoying some mellow moments with fonts that you have known, trusted and loved from when you were very first born. But, my point is that you would soon get sick of Bohemian Rhapsody or Hotel California if you were forced to listen to them EVERY DAY! Man. You would be standing up and shouting....

"Give me some NEW Music to listen too.. Please!"

And the same is true with typography. You need some new fonts to get your teeth into, because variety really is the spice of life, and font designers are constantly coming up with new fonts that really are a breath of fresh air, and well worth checking out. They are a bit like finding a new band to listen too that are really cool. They give you new ideas, a fresh perspective, and brighten up your websites and design projects with new ways of looking at the world (literally, because fonts are such a visual medium).

This means that hand in hand with the content you produce, you are also making an impact in the stylistics of HOW you present the information. Now, whilst no-one wants form over substance. I ask you. Is it too much to want both at the same time?

Keep the substance. But get some new forms today of the fresh, new font variety. It will cheer you up. Cheer up your projects and help do your bit for a more varied and interesting type laden world.
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