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Future Trends In Marketing

Aug 10, 2008
Take advantage of key technologies that have been instrumental in improving established marketing tools and greatly contributed to creating new ones. Stay one step ahead of the competition by keeping an eye on the future.

Learn to design a new breed of ads. Get ready for "small screen" advertising. Start thinking of ways to deliver your message on a cellphone screen just a little bigger than a postage stamp, or about half the size of a regular business card.

1.) Explore ideas on how to render your logo in minipixels.
2.) Start thinking of ways to deliver your advertising message via text messaging.
3.) Set up your .mobi website for viewing via iPhones and more.
4.) How about designing your slogan in telemoticon?
5.) Study new values in permission-based marketing.

Explore compelling new wireless marketing programs and opportunities that can deliver your targeted marketing message to mobile device users. Think of how cellular technology is causing a breakdown in mass advertising and creating opportunities in made-to-order advertising.

* Strategic, pinpoint advertising.
Using Global Positioning Systems (GPS) technology, it is now possible to pinpoint the location of a mobile device user and send them an advertising message at a most opportune time.

* Example: A cellphone or a PDA user dials a service to get a listing of restaurants within a mile or two of his current GPS location. Because you advertise in this service, your restaurant name, phone number, and sample menu appear on the screen.

* Bounce Ad is a mobile advertising software that enables businesses to deliver promotional coupons to their customers' mobile phones in the form of commercial text messages.

Mobile Advertising
Consumers are now using cellphones to send text messages, play games, send photos, search the web and other assorted tasks that can create several marketing opportunities.

1.) Explore permission-based cellphone advertising and how it can benefit your business. Cellphone users will allow you to send them free ads on a quid pro quo basis.
2.) Design a cellphone game and distribute it for free.
3.) Sponsor a ring tone that can be associated with your company - like a snippet of your advertising jingle.
4.) Offer a free application or service to keep your name in front of this new breed of consumers.

Virtual advertising.
A virtual ad is a still or a video that is inserted into any television broadcast - whether live or prerecorded. This type of advertising is also known as a "hidden ad" because it is usually made to blend into the scene, as if the advertisement were really part of the actual setting.

Baseball on TV: Look behind the hitter and you will find an advertisement from your store - digitally inserted and which can only be seen by cable viewers in your market area.

This technology is now available and is commonly used during live sports broadcasts. Eventually, when segmentation features become widely available, advertisers will be able to buy exposure on a market-specific basis.
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