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No More Restraints in Advertising

Aug 10, 2008
America has always been big on how much they do not like advertisements even though those pay for free television. We even became discouraged when people could call our houses.

Many of whom had perfect timing and would call at bedtime, before the alarm clock went off, or during family meals. It discouraged Americans so much so that a bill was passed which created the do not call list. I am proud to say that I myself am on that list.

Then, advertisements went to text message as businesses could text you. That didn't over too well either. As well as spam email that many of you might be like me and have just one box that collects all that junk mail. It is the forbidden box.

No one wants to go into it because on a daily basis, the mail can be in the thousands. Now, there is a new level. Aren't there any restraints for marketers now days? Absolutely not!

More and more marketers are using video market to their advantage. While some use for a more productive strategy on their own websites, allowing people to hear the testimonies of individuals who have used their products, some have taken it to extremes. With the use of buying ad space on different blogs, people are now going to those social networking sites that so much of us love because it allows us the freedom of keeping in touch to post those annoying messages for their services.

Many of you know what I mean. It's just like infomercials for some with the people looking fake and if you're like me who likes to jam while you are updating your Facebook or redoing your Myspace outlook you are constantly annoyed when some old man starts spewing about how he can't believe its real hair growing on his bald head. If that's not enough, some of those ads don't even have anything to do with the population that is being served through the site.

If they say that marketing is on the rise I'm all but afraid as to what they could come up with next. Now that they are taking over the sites I love while I'm trying to veg in front of my computer, what next? Before we know it, they will be allowed to attach those types of ads to our emails. America beware we may be able to run but we can't hide from those people of the stock market!
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