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Why Should You Consider Getting Into The Blogging Niche?

Aug 10, 2008
Blogging can take up a considerable amount of time especially if you have multiple blogs for different topics. In fact, there are some people who can spend all day just updating their blogs and between reading, formatting, editing and posting you can take up a good chunk of time. So why is blogging so big? What is it about this time consuming process that really is nothing more than a web page of text drag so many people to it?

One of the biggest reasons why people blog is the fact that they can express themselves more freely when writing then they can with speaking. This means that they can express whatever their views are and be able to express personal feelings even be able to vent on a blog in ways that they could never do in person or real life. It can be a healing experience and can be considered a form of journaling which has therapeutic effects.

For those that are doing it for business purposes there are a number of reasons why someone would blog. One of the biggest is the fact that it is a great way to find out exactly what customers and visitors think. In other words a blog is one of the perfect informal marketing research platforms available.

It costs almost nothing to put a blog up. You simply post a message regarding a topic that you are researching for marketing purposes and ask people what they think about it. Sometimes you do not even have to ask comments can come in like crazy asking questions, giving suggestions, in other words, feedback and that is something important to marketing.

It can also be a way to update everyone both on a personal and professional level about what is going on with your life or with the company or products that you sell. People like to know what is going on and they like to know that they can quickly find out about what is happening and be able to give their input.

Blogs can be a great way to generate traffic for a business as well by writing about related topics and creating what are called back links you can provide website content that can with keyword optimization help to raise your ranking as well as bring traffic to your website without too much effort and express on your part and with the mash up and multimedia capabilities of the web 2.0 word blogging has become a way to post pictures, videos, audio clips as well as text in an easy to read, find and respond format.

These are just some of the reasons why someone may want to blog and some of the reasons why you may want to consider blogging both for personal and professional reasons. There are plenty of things that you can do with blogs including but not limited to expressing yourself in a manner which allows you to be open and honest without having to worry about what people say and being able to promote your product and business for almost nothing while gaining valuable research data.
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