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How To Sponsor 41 People Each Month Into Your Network Marketing MLM Business

Aug 11, 2008
If you want to succeed in MLM, some factors are more important than others. If you focus on the most important right from the beginning, your odds of success are much, much better. There are 4 items I've found to be exceedingly influential to success in the MLM field:

1. The Company.

Countless unsuccessful people within the field are of the theory that if you can just get in on the ground level of the upcoming "hot" new network marketing business that you will garner massive success just because you will be at the top of the upline. It will not work that way (see points 3 and 4.) If you are not willing to work and you do not possess a successful marketing system, you won't automatically reap results simply by joining at the beginning.

Additionally, newly formed small businesses beget tremendous risk. Nine out of ten companies fail in the first five years. That figure includes network marketing businesses as well. I would definitely choose to be aligned with a proven business that has a pristine track record and respectability that reaches back over a decade. Choosing the proper network marketing business is critically important. Don't forget that you are planning to be creating a lengthy alliance with that corporation. Wouldn't you want to be certain that your partner will remain in existence five, ten, and even 25 years from now?

2. The Products.

It should be obvious that you desire the MLM network marketing company you decide upon to offer exceptional items that are in extremely high demand. I fancy necessities that the population buys on a steady basis. I avoid one-time purchases, such as a swimming pool. With a product or service of that nature, the potential customer will make only one purchase from you and afterwards won't have to make another purchase for a long time. The supreme consumer items are the ones that are in continuously high demand and that people buy and consume on an ongoing basis.

3. Your Sponsor.

Finding a superb sponsor is doubtlessly critical to succeeding in this business. By definition your sponsor will have been with the company for a longer period of time than have you, since you have not yet signed up. Your sponsor will have the position of mentor, and be able to teach you business-building strategies that not only succeed, but succeed extremely well. If you sponsor's thought of building the business is making a roster of family and friends to approach (your "warm market"), I highly suggest you search for another sponsor. Genuine companies are not built by means of rousing family and friends. Genuine companies are built using proficient marketing.

This angle cannot be emphasized strongly enough: the person that you adopt as a sponsor will really be a critical aspect in your level of success. You will be duplicating the methods of your sponsor, so adopt a sponsor who is extremely professional!

4. Your Work Ethic.

Here's a reality check for you: it's possible to choose the best MLM business, offering the absolute best consumer products, and be enrolled by the best networker on the planet, but if you don't want to work more than 5 minutes a day, you will never grow your downline. Each of the 4 items within this list are required, and your attitude and willingness to work diligently is part of that list.

The above considerations are the 4 most important items in choosing an MLM network marketing opportunity. If you make wise choices with these four, you'll be miles ahead of the typical MLM network marketer and the liklihood of success will be exceptionally enhanced.
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