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How To Build Your Targeted Opt-In Email List The Fast And Affordable Way

Aug 11, 2008
If you are marketing any kind of products online, then I am sure you have heard numerous times about the importance of "the list". It is a proven fact that "the money is in the list", but it seem that only a small amount of online marketers have the adequate knowledge and understanding of how to develop and utilize their e-mail list.

Every successful Internet Marketer knows the value of building their own database of targeted opt-in leads, and thereby grow their list of prospective buyers. Building a substantial opt-in list can be a time-consuming and often expensive process. Being able to develop such a list, is most likely the main factor that differs success from non-success in all niches of Internet Marketing.

A little known but very efficient method of generating targeted opt-in list, is utilizing so called co-registration leads. These are e-mail prospects that have signed up through a company web site, asking for more information about a particular product or service. Co-registration leads are therefore considered to be high quality prospects, since they consist of potential customers that already and recently have shown their interest in a specific offer, niche or market.

This particular list building tactic has shown itself to be one of the most effective and profitable, yet underutilized, methods for creating a database of prospective buyers. Recently though, an increasing amount of Online Marketers have started focusing on co-registration leads because of the benefits like cost efficiency, simplicity, fast delivery and large quantities of leads.

Utilizing co-registration leads makes it unnecessary for Online Marketers to focus solely on traffic tactics such as search engine optimization and pay per click positioning. Instead, marketers can simply reach their new, fresh and targeted prospects through paying a small fee to owners of sites that already have a high amount of traffic.

There are certain services that offer wholesale co-registration lead packages and solo ad services at very affordable prizes. The important part here is that all leads delivered come with full name, full address, telephone number, IP address and gender information. These leads should have full knowledge and intent of receiving newsletters/emails from third parties.

Once a marketer has received the opt-in leads, these are considered the marketers own property, and he/she can actually send the leads whatever information he/she prefers. However, it is strongly recommended that the information sent is valuable according to the topic the leads opted in for in the first place. This will create an increasing interest among these newly obtained prospects and potential buyers.

E-mail Marketing is by no doubt the easiest and most affordable and efficient way to instantly increase your web site traffic, products sales and affiliate commissions. If you are marketing your products on the Internet, co-registration opt-in leads will definitely save you massive amounts of time and money, and at the same time maximize your online exposure. It is by far the fastest, most cost effective way to build a list of any size you desire, no matter your budget or your target audience.
About the Author
Kim Aron is the owner of YourLeadBoost.com, a co-registration service that offers simple, effictive and cost efficient ways for online marketers to obtain new, fresh and active opt-in email leads. Visit http://www.yourleadboost.com now to find out how to boost your opt-in mailing list.
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