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Spammers Are Good For Your Blog and Forum

Aug 11, 2008
I'm just a girl yet I've been called a black hat SEO as well as a spammer no less than 3 times this week. Seems that so-called white hat SEO's call anything that might cause them a little extra thought a black hat and or a spammer.

They've gone so far as to say that if you post on a blog or forum with the sole purpose of the backlinks then you're a spammer. When I pointed out that all my posts are good they pointed out that it makes no difference. What matters is where your mind is when you're making the post. Are you thinking about the backlinks or helping others.

Kind of like Google saying if you do anything to your site with the intentions of a higher ranking then you are a blackhat. Your intentions seem to play a big part on rather your blackhat or a spammer. I figure these must be church going folks as I remember something similar coming from the preacher when I was growing up.

I've got no problem with going along with being a black hat and or a spammer. It's got to mean something good as I look back at my track record. Spammers bring good to both forums and blogs.

Let me explain

Chances are if you own a blog and or a forum and have lots and lots of people posting on them, the posters that seem the most knowledgeable and the most willing to help, are spammers. Their hope is to make a post good enough to drive both links and traffic to their site.

Before I got burned out on the whole forum thing I was getting at least 3 to 4 emails a week from people asking me to be a moderator on their forum and I was moderating on about 10 different forums already. Webproworld was one of the hottest forums online and I was starting more post that got higher responses than anyone else. And at the time I knew nothing about SEO but was making a killing off the forums.

I was what most forums needed. As time went on I got really good at understanding how to get a site ranked but got burned out on the forums. Many people have accused me of being a spammer even though I rarely ever linked to my own sites. And as I left those forums I've noticed most of them have died down quite a bit. I like to think it's because I'm no longer posting on them but it's likely something totally different.

Either way my point is this isn't church and what we are thinking when we make a post or leave a comment doesn't mean shit.
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