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Why In-House Lead Generation Is Important For Insurance Sales

Aug 11, 2008
Some insurance companies pay to use lead generation companies to acquire leads. They use the leads in order to generate business for them. Some have been successful in using them. Other insurance companies have not been so successful.

Have you ever found yourself in the position where you contact a potential lead, only to find out that they don't have a clue about what's going on?

Or, have you contacted a lead, only to find out that others before you have made contact with that same person for the same thing? It's no different in the insurance business. Agents look for leads in order to generate business and income for themselves. However, if some or most of the leads turn out to be a dead end, then it turns out to be a waste.

As an agent looking to get insurance sales, choosing an insurance company that is genuinely interested in getting fresh leads is important. There are some companies that specialize in generating their own leads in-house. They refuse to spend money for outside firms to help them.

This is done to prevent costly lead wasters as described earlier. The companies that conduct in-house lead generation usually have a better chance of their agents getting insurance sales. The leads are kept in-house and are not sold to outsiders.

Look out for lead generation companies that refer you to other lead generation companies to provide you with leads. This can mean that their setup is not really theirs. It is probably outsourced to other companies. Agents will be able to get an idea of what's going on when they realize why they're not closing sales.

Doing this in-house means that the company is responsible for employing people for research and other facilities needed to keep this operation in-house. Their leads are not sold to other companies in order to generate more money.

Using other companies or subcontractors is not always a good idea. If they mess up the operation, initially they'll be at fault. However, since there was someone else involved, the original company will take the blame and probably eat the costs associated with it. Companies that do it in-house take responsibility for every operation regarding lead generation.

These companies usually have quality leads. They are usually different than what the industry is used to having. This is why they are more successful in getting insurance sales. The leads on that list should be current and up to date. Rehashed ones and ones from years ago probably won't work. Those people have usually been contacted already by others trying to do business with them. For some reason, they were probably never taken off of the list.

The process of obtaining leads for insurance sales is not as simple as some might think. There's more to it than just downloading a bunch of names. It's important that proper research is conducted to find the ripest information possible in order to make a profit.
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