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Four Key Components For Insurance Sales

Aug 11, 2008
In order for agents to have insurance sales on a recurring basis, there are four components that they need to adhere to. If they want to step out of the box and be different, it's important that they take these steps in order to secure the best clients and have recurring income.

Lead system - Some companies rely on lead generation programs that have names from months or possibly years ago. This doesn't help because these names have been recycled so many times. If they do get in touch with them, the person will probably chew them out because they've been contacted by others in the past. With the recycling process, the same lead is purchased several times without regard to whether or not the person has been contacted already.

An insurance company or group is on the right track with their own lead system. That way, they can control the quality of each lead, and determine who it goes to. This helps the client acquire coverage quickly and reliably, without flooding them with calls. It also helps the agent to have a steady flow of leads with consistent quality.

Underwriting - With clients being turned down for this and that pre-existing condition, it can be difficult to get an insurance policy. The underwriting process should be as simple and painless as possible. There are some that don't require a blood test or a urine test.

Even if you have diabetes or other pre-existing health ailments, a client can still get a favorable rate without having to wait for additional underwriting. This also means the insurance cost would not be inflated.

Those fancy presentations and trickery will not get past them anymore. The pushy sales closing from some agents doesn't faze them either. People are tired of gimmicks and tricks to get their business.

They're looking for a sure thing that will provide them with financial peace for the rest of their life. Nowadays, clients can tell whether or not agents are the real deal. Insurance sales are easy to get once agents cultivate a genuine relationship with the client. The one with the stuffed shirt and suit becomes old news.

Relationship - Cultivating a relationship with the client means that the agent is looking out for the client's best interests. They won't sell them a product that they don't need. They will sit down and discuss their needs and the best way to fulfill those needs.

Granted, the client will not need everything, but once the client is comfortable with the agent, the relationship will go to another level. It will be easier for the agent to suggest products that will suit them. Doing it in this manner would be a far cry from stuffing products in their faces with no regard to their needs.

Once you keep these four things in check, insurance sales can go through the roof. The important thing is not to pull the wool over the client's eyes. They can sense the difference between a salesperson and an agent that really cares.
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