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How To Create Instructional And Training Materials That Will Captivate Your Audience

Christine O'Kelly
Aug 11, 2008
For many people, they hear the word "Training" and their eyes immediately glaze over. Unfortunately, while the information contained in most training materials is important, it just isn't all that interesting or eye catching. However, with the creation of elearning, all that has changed. Trainings can now be fun!

With custom elearning development, information can be shared in an exciting way that will captivate your audience and get the essential information across in a format that is enjoyable to the learner, while being educational at the same time.

Teach And Entertain

Research has shown that information is retained more easily when it is presented in a way that makes learning fun, and entertaining. But, there are certain ideas and concepts that you need to convey, many of which may not be all that exciting upon first glance. This is where elearning programs come in.

Elearning development can utilize audio, video, animations and more to present your subject matter in unique ways that will not only help your team to master the concepts, but also retain their new skills and ideas long after the training is complete.

Bring Your Instructional Materials To Life

When you use elearning development, you can truly bring any type of subject matter to life. You can create instructional materials in which the learner is actively engaged in the learning process, not sitting in a chair waiting to be filled with facts. With the support of elearning solutions, your audience will be continuously participating in their own learning, and experiencing the vitality of the material first hand.

For example, if you are trying to train new sales associates in a classroom like environment with traditional role play scenarios (using one student as the sales person and another as a client) the reactions of the clients will not be authentic, and therefore the skills of your students will not be adequately challenged. However, if you are able to utilize the benefits of elearning, your training will look much different.

With the help of elearning development solutions, you can turn this same role playing scenario into one that offers the opportunity to engage in interactive activities that will actually prepare your staff for real, on-the-job situations. A program can now be created in which your sales students can role-play with simulated clients that will have unique personality traits and true to life reactions. This type of approach to learning will prepare your staff and/or students in a way that is not possible with most training programs available today.

With the use of this unique technology, you'll be able to create educational opportunities that will engage your audience in ways that simply weren't possible before. They will learn more, retain and recall the information with increased ease, and generally enjoy the training process more than before when their trainings are created using custom elearning development. And, you'll see the results when staff members quickly master the skills you've targeted and are able to put them to use, improving the quality of the company.
About the Author
Christine O'Kelly is an author for NogginLabs.com, a leader in elearning development. Their skilled team of instructional designers have created thousands of custom, performance-based elearning courses for Fortune 100 companies, academic institutions, and non-profit organizations.
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