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3 Necessary Steps For Finding Construction Equipment Financing

Christine O'Kelly
Aug 11, 2008
If you own your own construction business, most likely you'll need to buy new equipment when you're just starting out or will have to add to an existing fleet of construction equipment. Is your business in the position to pay cash and still have an emergency fund left over? Most small businesses can't and will need to find equipment financing.

If you need help with construction equipment finance, it isn't as easy as walking into a store and buying the first thing you see. Instead you'll have to research and figure out what equipment you need, decide if you want to buy a new or used piece and then talk to a bank or construction equipment finance company about a loan.

What Kind Of Equipment Will You Need?

The first thing you'll have to do is determine what type of construction equipment your business needs. It's a good idea to tell the construction equipment finance company what you're looking for so they're able to give you the right type of loan. A truck used to get between job sites will have different loan terms than a less expensive piece of equipment.

Can You Afford New, Or Is Used The Way To Go?

Is your equipment financing going to be used for new construction equipment or would you like to shave a few dollars off the price by buying used? After determining what type and brand of equipment, it won't hurt to look into the used price. If the construction equipment is going to be used as primarily a back-up, buying used might be a good idea. You can usually find used equipment that's reliable enough for daily use, so do a little research and see if buying used makes sense.

Look Into Construction Equipment Finance Companies

Even if you have the available cash to buy immediately, looking into construction equipment finance companies for your equipment financing is a good idea. That way you're able to hold onto your available cash in case of a business emergency. Many people immediately think of their local bank branch when looking for a loan. Local banks can be a good place to begin, but a company that specializes in equipment financing will have more knowledge on construction equipment finance.

Look for a company with their own underwriting department. Having that in-house means you'll have a shorter wait for an answer to your application. You'll also receive your money faster which means you won't have to wait long to order the equipment you need.

You can also find equipment financing companies that offer leasing and that can be a great, lower-cost solution for seasonal businesses or companies that are just starting out.

If you're concerned about tying up your available business funds, look no further than a construction equipment finance company when it's time to add to your equipment inventory. Because they deal with equipment financing on a daily basis, they'll be a great resource for your business.
About the Author
Christine O'Kelly is an author for Landmark Financial Corporation, a company that specializes in providing equipment financing. They provide construction equipment finance services, as well as financing for other types of business equipment.
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