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The Top 3 Affiliate Myths Exposed

Aug 11, 2008
It is said that affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make money online. To a certain extent that is true, but affiliate marketing isnt as easy as most people think. Its time for the top 3 most common affiliate myths to be busted.

Myth Number 1: Just Post Your Affiliate Link in Random Places

There is a common myth where you can make money from affiliate marketing by just placing your straight affiliate link in random places such as spamming forums or FFA sites with it. That is False! No one will buy from your affiliate link like that. You first need to hide your link by making it shorter or even better get a top level domain and just use it to redirect your affiliate link. Then you can contribute useful information to forums and other sites and use your domain name as part of your resource box. After that then you will see some people clicking on your links.

Myth Number 2: Affiliate Marketers Dont Need WebSites

This myth is False! Even though you are an affiliate marketer, you absolutely need your own web site. You can have a simple one page website where you focus on promoting one affiliate product. This type of site is usually called a landing page or squeeze page. A squeeze page is a page specifically designed to tease the visitor to submit their name and email address before you show them the rest of the sales page. Another option is by starting a big content site such as a blog that advertises your affiliate links on it. But either way, the bottom line is you need your own web site.

Myth Number 3: You Dont Need a List

This is a common myth where people think that only the ones that made the product or service needs to have an email list. That is False! Even though you dont own the product you are promoting as an affiliate doesnt mean that you should not have your own list. Having your own email list is the greatest business asset you will own. This will allow you to deliver more messages to them to visit your affiliate links and promote more products that would interest them. Of course to do this effectively you need to develop a relationship with your list so they trust what you recommend to them.

I hope you have been helped by having these affiliate marketing myths busted. Just remember to follow these guidelines and view your affiliate marketing as a real business.
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