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Get the Buzz About Video Marketing

Aug 11, 2008
If it professionally done, and looks good, such a marketing video will be talked about and shared with quite a buzz, especially if it is entertaining. Such viral video marketing is a great way to advertise a time-sensitive product, service or event, as then even more of a buzz is created as viewers thrive on the excitement of needing to pass it on right now! It's like the collectors cards from when we were kids with more of a buzz attached!

These websites have simple, user-friendly interfaces so they will have no problems accessing and viewing your video marketing, thus taking it to the widest audience possible.

The real key to sites like YouTube is in the presentation. Your video has to be catchy, something that pulls the viewer in and makes them watch. So, don't go with some dry, boring recitation of your product and what it does. Make the video a little story, and then slip the product in.

If anything, take a cue from the James Bond movies: exciting adventure, but with products prominently on display. Of course, this is not to suggest you go quite that far in your video, but the basic principle is the same: create something that entertains first. Then, once you've snagged the viewer, ease into a mentioning of your product and where they can find it. The more humor you can interject, the better.

Don't be tempted to substitute humor for content, though. That would be a bad idea in terms of trying to create the right impression for your business. A video that is rich in content will tell people you are an expert and really know your stuff: we'd all prefer to do business with people like that, wouldn't we?

Plus most often on social networking sites videos are rated by users. If your video makes it as one of the top rated products, the buzz is heard all around the internet and the publicity for your business is catapulted into the stratosphere!

With all such websites, they keep track of the number of viewings a video gets. The more viewings, the more popular a video becomes; until it's a self-perpetuating cycle. There's the key: you create a buzz-worthy video, and it'll sell itself.

It's said that some recording companies hire people to phone into MTV to vote for videos of the songs of their artists, to get them into the Top Ten Countdown. Whether true or not, it is true that if you enlist the help of friends and family, it can help to boost the viewing of your video on one of these sites.

Another feature most of these sites often offer is the ability of people to post comments regarding the videos they've seen. Here again, this is an excellent opportunity for you. Not only can you get friends and family to post positive comments, but if you read the comments of others, it can give you insights into your potential clients.

What do they like/dislike about your video? Thus you can fine-tune and improve it. Just think, your own marketing analysis, and you didn't have to hire a company to do it for you. That alone is worth a mint.

This is perhaps the greatest advantage of sites like YouTube; you get access to your client base, get to show them what you have, and get feedback as to what works and doesn't work. When you consider what companies have had to pay in the past to get that kind information, it makes the creation of a video very attractive and cost-effective.

Another very effective means of perfecting your video marketing is by creating several videos and posting all of them on sites like YouTube. Then, read through the feedback you get. Based on that information, you can decide which video works best, which style of video is the most appealing, and which one to post on your website. Or, a series of negative feedback on all of them would warn you to change your whole marketing strategy. All of which you can accomplish for very little money.
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