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The Benefits of Being an Independent Insurance Agent

Aug 11, 2008
Being an insurance agent is about more than just that extra income. Having extra income plays a major role, but you want to be able to help people. You want to make sure that they are covered with the right type of insurance for them and their family.

Building your business as an agent takes time. Insurance agents have to cultivate relationships with their clients. They shouldn't just stop by and force a product down their throat. Nine times out of ten, it's something they don't want. Then, the client won't have you back because you pushed them to spend money.

It's important that they have the right type of insurance that will suit their needs. Otherwise, it's fruitless to offer them a product that they don't have a desire for or they may not need at the time. Find out what kind of problems they're having. See what you can do as an agent to offer suggestions, solutions or even help them fill out paperwork. In this way you can build a rapport with the client, as someone they can trust to help them.

Sitting down and talking with the client can give them a sense of security. They will start to feel comfortable and want to talk more. As long as their needs are at the forefront of the relationship, the agent will be in a better position to secure more clients.

Independent insurance agents can make their own schedules. They don't look to be dictated to by someone else. Flexible hours can be a plus. This way, agents can create their own schedules. They should also keep in mind that clients also have schedules. There may be times when they can't meet at your time, so it's important to remain flexible.

Insurance agents can be their own bosses and schedule their time accordingly. If they're looking to making this a lucrative business, it's important to conduct follow-ups. At first there may be some that decline, but agent have to keep moving forward without being pushy. If the agent wants to work a few hours a week to supplement income, then that's also a viable option.

However, if they're looking to have residual wealth, they'll need to recruit others under them. Agents should teach them what they do so they can be just as successful and make money. Not just that, they should also be taught how to cultivate relationships with clients.

Then they can turn around and do the same thing to get residual income for themselves. Now agents are helping in two ways: the clients with their needs and the recruits with an income opportunity.

Another benefit for agents is that they can help others outside of their circle. For instance, they can donate money to different charities. This would be a good way to give back. With that, the agent would get back in return. The key for agents to having these benefits is to be focused, disciplined and putting others before themselves.
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