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5 Christian Business Ideas From Home

Aug 11, 2008
One thing that the Internet makes possible is your ability to start a Christian business from home. If this appeals to you it is an excellent way to make money and combine your faith at the same time.

There certainly is a large market of people who would prefer to join Christian business opportunities, or purchase products from other Christians. Here are four Christian businesses that you can start and make money from home doing.

1. If you're crafty person, you can create and sell Christian crafts. You can run this out of your home and have people come to you to make purchases.

You can also set up a website and let people buy from you on the Internet. Then just ship the products out to them. You could build a large inventory of Christian crafts and sell them to people who go to church.

2. Another thing you can do is sell T-shirts with Christian pictures and quotes on them. This is a way for you to make money as well as promote your faith in a non threatening way.

3. If you like to write there are many opportunities blogging for Christian blogs. You can Google search the word Christian blogs and began looking at potential business partners.

Then start contacting them individually to see if they would have any interest in hiring you to write blog content for them. This is a numbers game and eventually you will come up with a number of people who would be willing to hire you.

4. Another thing you can do is start a Christian blog of your own and monetize it with affiliate marketing products. You can find products to sell at various directories such as CJ.com.

5. Even if you don't like to write, you can hire writers to do things for you. For example, you can publish your own Internet Christian eNewsletter and again monetize it with affiliate marketing products.

You can hire people to write the content for your newsletter and make even additional money by selling advertising in it. Ezine readers are very loyal and this is a great way to make money selling products to them as you build your list.

As you can see there are many ways you can combine a Christian business from home with your talents. We have just listed 5 but you can certainly come up with many more if you will just sit down and begin to think about it.
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