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Using Your Myspace Blog to Build Your Business

Aug 11, 2008
Each and every person that opens an account with myspace receives a complimentary blog. Writing on your blog is one of the best ways for people to get to know you. You will find once you've been blogging for a while people will subscribe to your blog. This means they will be notified each and every time you make a post.

If you have your network marketing blog at wordpress or some other blogging platform you can use your myspace blog as a teaser to lead them to your other blog. Post something at your myspace blog about the topic of your latest post or a special you have running and provide a link to the blogpost

Your blog can be about anything. Your posts can be short, or long, poems, text, pictures. It's up to you. It is best to be consistent. You will become well known within your circle if you blog consistently.

You have a lot of power to provide helpful information, as well as acquire leads through your blog. You also have the power to let others see your authentic self. I can't tell you how important it is for others to see your authentic self if you are to be successful in network marketing. This also allows others to learn from the example of your life.

Blogging gives people another way to access the real you and by doing so become clearer on whether you are a vibrational match to them. People have to know, like and trust you before they will buy anything from you and definitely have to feel those things to go into business with you!

Everyone ends their blogs differently. You can think of each post as an individual article and sign each and leave a signature with a link to somewhere you want them to visit. Some people don't sign them at all. It really depends on how you feel.

Leaving a link with keyword specific anchor text in each of your blog posts also helps the ranking, of the linked site in the search engines just by having a link to that site from a highly ranked site like myspace. Just as it does when you have a link at the bottom of a forum post.

As you can see there are many ways you can connect with people at myspace. Your myspace blog is a powerful way to connect with the friends you already have.

You can also add more myspace friends by having an active and interesting blog. The more people who are reading your blog the more chances they will recommend it to others they know.
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