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How To Stand Out At An Exhibition

Aug 11, 2008
Exhibition design has been a small part of the overall market until now where more businesses are showing up to exhibitions to advertise their products and services to the public that attend. Exhibition designers have to be able to design stands for a number of different events. They are conferences between businesses, public exhibitions such as the Chelsea Flower Show, industry exhibitions, for example a plumbers and builders convention. They are also able to set up stands for local businesses that want to advertise their products and expertise.

Exhibition designers need lots of practical skills to be able to create the many different stands that need to be built for each client as every business will have different needs to the next. These skills may include good design and drawing skills have a very good eye for colour and different shapes as each exhibition stand will be shaped differently and will have to grab the public's attention with in your face colour schemes and attractive combinations. They will also need good knowledge of computer based design programs where you can see the design in three dimensional formats very easily. Also, they need to be able to have a good interest in art and design due to the work being based all around creativity and design.

Communication is key within exhibition design because each business will have different needs and the designers will need to listen to the business to get the stand to their preferences. This means that all employees will need to have good communication skills and will need to be open to discussion and negotiation. Due to the complex nature of designing each individual stand most designers will let the business come and visit the stand before it is transported to the exhibitions to check that it is to their liking and there are no important pieces missing. This ensures that the business is 100% happy with the work and there are no mishaps.

Due to many different businesses attending an exhibition it is likely that you will find your direct competitors attending. This means you will need to make your stand and pitching much better than your competitors to ensure that you attract more attention towards your stand. This means that choosing the right style and colours for your stand is very important that will allow you to get a leg up on the competition. This is because attractive colour coordination's and bold styling will grab the attention of the people attending the exhibition and get them interested into the products or services you are advertising.

This is where the business and the exhibition designers will have to work together to produce the best stand possible. The business may also want some extras that may help to advertise the business. This may include TV's for videos of their products in action or running water for a plumbers stand for example. All of these little features are very important if the business wishes to attract attention and be successful at the exhibition.

The pitch is also very important and this is why the business will take its best employees at salesmanship and pitching as it will be the salesman's voice and discussion talk that may draw more attention to the stand. This means that sometimes the employees go on a training course that allows them to learn the tricks and skills needed to be able to deliver a good pitch and explanation.
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Exhibition expert Catherine Harvey looks at what makes an exhibition design bring in more business.
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