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A Dance, a Show and a Band- Teamwork at its finest

Aug 11, 2008
Have you ever watched a River dance performance? 30 people on one stage all tapping out a beat to form a song. It is amazing to watch as each individual as to the music as a collective whole, they practice together, learn together and then perform together.

Individually they have had to memorize their specific beat, leg motion, form and timing. Individually they have had to sacrifice, forgo things, feel pride in what they do and be excited about the performance. But they must perform together, it becomes impressive when together they accomplish the goal in harmony and in sequence.

I once saw a circus show where 15 young women all piled on to one mountain bike while it was riding in a circle. It was a the most incredible feat. Slowly the bike circled the stage and one by one these girls piled on forming a pyramid around the still moving bike. No one's limb touched the ground, no support just themselves. They all maintained their balance by being part of the group and holding each other up. Then slowly after holding the pose for several revolutions they one by one piled off.

If you have ever been to a football you probably know that one of the half time traditions is for a marching band to come onto the field and perform a series of choreographed songs. Although this isn't the reason you bought your football tickets it can be a pretty impressive show. That is if the band is all together and each individual is where they are suppose to be when they are suppose to be there. The band practices individually, then together and then finally performs together. Each member has specific responsibility in each shape they form and just one person out of line can ruin the effect.

Each of these examples exemplifies teamwork. Teamwork counts on individuals doing their job and doing it well so the team as a whole can produce a more impressive out come. River dancing is cool but when you but 30 people doing it in unison it becomes awe inspiring. Riding a bike is ordinary but pile 15 people on it and you have a show. Performing a musical instrument takes skill but you can take it to a whole new level if you are willing to sacrifice for the greater good of a team.

Teamwork in the workplace can have the same effect, individuals doing their jobs so that a team can produce a result that is on a whole new level. These examples and more wouldn't be possible if a group of people weren't willing to sacrifice together and obtain what individuals couldn't do.
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Bart Icles loves looking for teamwork and its effects in everyday life. There are so many that it is quite inspiring. He recommends you invite CMOE to come train your organization in everything from Teamwork to Strategic Management
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