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Cash Gifting May Be How You Get Rich Quickest

Aug 11, 2008
Cash gifting is an exciting opportunity that has helped many people prosper over the years. Because of its innovative cash distribution model (how gifts are received in an orderly fashion), it's easy enough to think of it as a get-rich-quick opportunity for advancement.

All the same, cash gifting is not a get-rich-quick activity. It is the kind of activity where you want to participate for the long term, with full understanding that it is not a miracle formula and work is definitely required to achieve success.

That said, cash gifting is definitely one thing: get-rich-quickest. Not quick: quickest. What a difference three letters make! Of all the opportunities out there, follow what path you may towards financial freedom, this opportunity will help you accomplish your goal much faster.

It's all owing to how the cash gifts are distributed.

For starters, with cash gifting there is no company or organization or club claiming a percentage of the gifts. There is no company or organization or club period. There is also no one above you once you qualify to receive gifts. No fat cats claiming their cut directly above you or on any level above you. Once you qualify to receive gifts, gifts are received in full directly by you and you alone.

Legitimate cash gifting programs subscribe to a system called "1up", which is monitored and updated by tracking software. With a 1up system, you begin by sending a cash gift to the person who invites you to participate. When your gift is received, your inviter logs in on the tracking software's website and acknowledges having received your gift. At this point, you are officially "confirmed".

Programs offer levels of participation-- but these are not levels of accomplishment, or ladder steps to climb. Rather, "levels" refers to the cash amounts you give. With top-tier programs, the most common levels of participation are $500, $1500 and $3500. For each level for which you are "confirmed", you must give up your very first person (the 1up). The person who invited you receives your first person's gift. Once that happens, your inviter logs bag in to the tracking software and acknowledges that you have sent a gift from your first person. The software marks you as "qualified" you to receive gifts.

Now picture yourself as an inviter. You receive a gift from a new participant. As well, you receive a gift from the first person that your new participant enrolls. Now that first person given to you must repeat the process in order to qualify to receive gifts. So you receive a gift from the first person that they invite. And so the process continues potentially to infinity, provided that each person given to you succeeds in promoting the activity and inviting new team members.

Compare that with paltry commissions of affiliate marketing and complex payout matrices of multi-level marketing programs. The benefits of the 1up system become obvious, but please note that not all cash gifting programs offer a clean 1up system. Variations include 2up, 1up + percentage, and worse. Do your research before you join any cash gifting program. Essential to experiencing the full potential of cash gifting is joining a program that offers a clean 1up system!
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Joseph Love is a successful cash gifting mentor specializing in one-on-one phone mentoring. He can be reached at CashMeToo.com
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