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How can Payroll Services from a Payroll Bureau Benefit Your Business?

Aug 11, 2008
If you have a small business, you may be wondering why employing a payroll bureau would benefit your business. After all, you don't have that many employees, and it doesn't take you THAT long each month to sort out their wages. Well, in reality, it does take a fair bit of time, whether you have ten employees or a staff number of one hundred. A payroll service will complete all of your staff wages needs, and in a shorter amount of time!

The thing you need to when considering the advantages and disadvantages of employing a payroll bureau. It has both good and bad points, but you need to work out if the good outweigh the bad, and if it would prove beneficial to your company.

A payroll service is employed by you. That means you need to pay them, which brings me on to my first disadvantage. This service will cost you, and that cost cannot be afforded by all, especially if you have a relatively small business, or if it is not proving particularly profitable. However, with this disadvantage comes an advantage. That cost of hiring a payroll bureau will eliminate the mistakes you may make in sorting these staff wages out yourself. How many times have you made mistakes? Tired eyes mean mistakes, and you may have accidentally overpaid or underpaid your staff members. Underpaid workers will tell you that they have been underpaid, but does the same apply to those that have been overpaid? A professional payroll service will ensure that these mistakes are not made, after all, they are professionals!

Another advantage to hiring a payroll bureau is that they will sort out your payroll for you. This is obvious, but it means that it can free up the time that it takes you to do the same job. Say it takes you two hours per week to sort out staff wages - adding up the amount of hours they have worked, multiplying that by the amount paid per hour, misusing tax, national insurance and such like. These two hours per week means eight hours per month. That is a full day out of every month that is wasted on staff wages. A payroll service will free up those eight hours that you normally spend, and it generally takes them a shorter amount of time, after all, there are more of them!

If you imagine what you could with those eight hours that the payroll bureau frees for you, you will find that there are a thousand and one ways in which that time would be better spent. You could spend more money on advertising your business or company. More advertising means more people that know about you and therefore should increase sales. That brings me onto another advantage. The small fee that you may pay for a payroll service will be nothing when you can spend your time trying to boost sales. It just means that in the long run, the money is well spent!

You could spend more hours with your family or friends each week, or get work done that has been piling up for a long time. You could even just spend those few hours relaxing, playing sport or generally looking after yourself!
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