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Staying Safe When Buying Electronic Equipment Online

Aug 11, 2008
Online shopping is becoming more and more popular. Online it seems we can get the best prices on HDTV's, computer equipment, and even stereo equipment. However, even though many online stores are pretty safe, there are some which are not. In this article, I will give you some tips to protect yourself when buying online.

You have seen a HDTV, and the price is much lower than you could find locally. Like many people, there is only one choice, and that is to buy online. In fact over the coming years, almost all electrical equipment for the home will be purchased online.

There are 2 problems which you need to be aware of, when considering buying online. The first is those sites that are scams, and those that are legitimate, but could or have been compromised.

Effectively combating both is as easy as being more aware about where you buy from. The offers you find online in most cases are safe to buy from. However, a watchword here is don't get greedy with the lowest price.

It seems that research can uncover us many different prices for a product. A HDTV set for example could have a lower limit price of $800 while at the highest level is $1200. It can be easy to go with the store that is offering it for $800, or you may even find one that for some reason is $600. Now the $800 price tag gives alarm bells, but what about the $600? Rockets are going off!

The lowest price may entice us to buy, but it is important to consider some points before buying. It is far better to get a better deal, than getting ripped off.

The first thing you want to do is look at the site. Is the ordering mechanism done through SSL? Usually you can tell this as when you hit the payment screen, the address bar should show "https:\".

Almost all safe online stores will use SSL. This technology basically means that your data is encrypted. A third person can't intercept and read that data. Even though there are some online stores that utilize an email system to take the order, and you can tell because of no SSL, and the site likely looks like an old style website, you still want to be weary with this.

By far the best way to find out if a company is a scam or not is to contact help desk; either through the site or through email. The time it takes to respond will give you an indication of whether they will deliver. Most scams will not respond to your email.

If a company has a phone number and address on the site, it is a sign of a good company to trade with. Some online stores don't have this information, but provide a great service. It can be hard to discern, so it maybe a better option to go with a company that allows you to contact them, if need be. And when you are spending thousands of dollars, it is better to get a good deal, rather than a bad deal.

Researching the company online can give you great insight on the company and how well they serve customers. News travels fast online, and a company ripping people off won't last long, especially as more people become savvy online shoppers.
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