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How to Use Myspace Layouts

Aug 11, 2008
If you are an avid user of MySpace then you will no doubt be aware of the multitude of designs that each person can use for their profile. In the last few years people have ditched the standard template and instead replaced them with their own. A customized layout is great because it allows the person to create a page that reflects their personality, their musical tastes and other interests. The good news is that if you have not yet managed to change your own MySpace page yet, doing so could not be easier. Read on to discover where to find layouts that match your interests, how to install them and how to make further changes to the layout afterward.

Where Can I Find MySpace Layouts?

The great thing about designing your own layout is that it does not require that you learn any specialist computer programming such as HTML. You can easily find layouts online that you can use for free. Simply use Google to search for free my space layouts and you will find many different styles of templates that will suit your taste. Do not be put off by the fact that they are free. There are a lot of good quality layouts out that that will not cost you a cent.

Of course if you want to search for paid for templates, then these are available also. Some sites will offer you the ability to load up images and other customizations online and then you can download your unique layout.

How Do I Install The Layout On To The MySpace Profile?

Perhaps it is not surprising that when you mention that you need to install something or that a website will need to be edited people become afraid of it and think that it is too technical. The truth however is that editing you're MySpace profile and altering the lay out are actually very simple to do.

Basically once you have chosen a layout and have downloaded the file to your computer hard drive you will find the code or html file needed to make the change. Simply highlight all of this code and click the right mouse button and press copy.

Next, you should go to the relevant My Space profile and select the Edit Profile section at the top of the page. Once you have done this, locate the about me section. This is the area of the profile that the code should be inserted in to. Click inside the box and once again right click on the mouse and press Paste. This is all there is to it. Make sure you save the changes before leaving and then refresh your profile page to see the new layout.

If you want to you can go a step further and try to learn some basic HTML and CSS. This sounds complicated and is beyond the scope of this article but it is fair to say that if you spend a short amount of time with a basic guide then you will be able to grasp the important aspects of the code. By doing this, you will be able to make further changes to the template by editing the colors, adding images and changing fonts.
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