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How An Insurance Agent Can Help With An Annuity Exchange

Aug 11, 2008
People that have investments should not let them lie dormant. If you're looking for your money to grow, you have to constantly invest money into your financial vehicle. You must also take a look at your investments from time to time to see if you can make changes if needed. An annuity exchange allows you to do just that-make changes from one annuity investment vehicle to another. Usually, it's for something that has a greater quality attached.

Annuity exchanges are crucial because there may be some things that you don't understand about your current situation. You may also be dealing with higher fees than you anticipated. Or you may not have that many options to choose from. If you don't feel you're getting your money's worth, it may be time for some adjustments.

An insurance agent that is knowledgeable in annuity exchanges can help you with this. Annuity exchanges allow you to make better decisions in your financial portfolio. Agents can sit down with clients to determine other products that may fit their needs. More times than not, the agent can help you select one where you would get a better deal and return for your investment. So when the time for retirement comes around, the investment will be solid.

The agent can help to craft a plan that will fit the client's budget. They can make it so it will be a smooth transition from one vehicle to another. They can explain in full detail the options that clients can choose from. The easier the process and transition is, the better it is for all parties involved. A good agent will not allow their client to spend more than what they need to in order to get their money's worth. In addition to that, they will explain what benefits the client can receive, such as:

Rate of return - Most annuities are comparable to or even far superior to CDs as far as the rate of return is concerned.

No risk - Even with a low rate of return, the client can still make a profit, without risk to their initial investment.

Income - No matter how a client gets their money, it is a sure thing. Some people like set periods for disbursements. Others prefer lifetime disbursements and some will take one lump sum.

Taxes - Unless there are withdrawals, no taxes are taken out.

Probate - When the client names a beneficiary or beneficiaries, they avoid the legal probate mess in the court system in the event of the client's death. Money transfers quickly, as a death benefit, instead of being held up for as much as 6 to 9 months.

The agent can help with this transition by ensuring an honest relationship where nothing is held back. The client depends on the agent to make the right recommendations financially. They want someone that will help them keep their head above water. That's what it's all about-the agent putting the client first and then reaping the benefits.
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