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Local Blogs Earn Big Money

Aug 11, 2008
I've said it before, as have others, that local search will be the hot niche of the future. If you're looking for a niche that you can dominate rather quickly and become an expert others will seek out, look into your local area.

I'm constantly amazed at people who are searching for the latest hot niche to jump into. Many times it's right in their own hometown or region and they never realize it until someone else takes it.

The reason local blogging is so hot and getting hotter right now is the same reason search engines blasted off at their beginning.

People want information and they want it yesterday.

They also prefer that information come from a trusted source. And who not to trust but a knowledgeable blogger who blogs about their community. Surely there aren't many people with more knowledge than this guy/gal who blogs about their town?

Local bloggers can connect with local searchers without ever meeting them. Take restaurant reviews for example. Have you ever read a review you agreed with? Perhaps it was a good review of Bob's Burgers on the out skirts of town. You love Bob's Burgers and you agree with the review. You've instantly judged that writer in your mind.

The sky is nearly the limit on how you choose to set up your blog on your local community. I've seen some blogs that had forums and business directories while others just blog on local events and people. It's up to you how far you want to go.

Your largest source of income though will likely be from local advertisers. You'll probably have to sell some adspace on your blog to begin with, but after a few months if you continue to grow, the advertisers will be seeking you out.

Start by making a list of some of the top business's in your area. You then send them all a sales letter along with a business card telling them about your blog and how they could increase business by advertising on it. Don't send EMAIL!

If you live in a small town, then widen out the scope of your blog. Blog about your County or Region. Don't go getting too large though or you'll risk having a blog that is vague and hard to rank for any specific keyword. Remember, this is a niche! Start off with your town and work your way out and you should start too see your income go up. Just remember, provide a great service to your community and they'll support you.
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