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Video Game Tester Career Information

Aug 11, 2008
If you are looking for video game tester career information, then you have hit the jackpot. Video game testing is not just for bums and dropouts - its a serious career where you can potentially earn a killer salary. This article will give you an idea of what you need to be able to make a career of games testing, and what is the best way to start.

1 - Getting A Job

I got involved in games testing via contacts I had with a friend who worked as a game programmer. Today there are far easier ways to land game testing jobs. There are some legitimate game tester guides available which will connect you with the best jobs available at gaming companies. You do need to be wary, as there as also some scam products out there. Always look for testimonials, and recommendations. A great way to do this is to jump on a few forums - you will quickly be able to sniff out the guides which don't deliver.

2 - Game Testing Is A Career Not A Hobby

Obviously you are reading this article because you are serious about making video game testing into a career. This is very important as despite the fact getting paid to play video games is pretty much a dream job, you need to take it seriously - and gaming companies will reward you for doing so. If you prove that you are reliable then you will have the best chance of securing an abundance of future jobs.

3 - Always Meet Deadlines

When you get you first job, make sure that you deliver on time. You will most likely be expected to fill out a survey form in relation to the bugs and issues you find with the unreleased game. Make sure you get the job done on time, and gaming companies will reward you with more jobs. Trust me, this is good video game tester career information.

4 - Be Specific When Describing Bugs And Issues

You need to be able to be as specific as possible when describing potential issues with games. A game programmer will be dealing with your feedback, so there is certainly no need to simplify or summarise the issues you find. Again, I know for a fact the more information and the more specific you can be, the more you will be rewarded. Any mistake a programmer makes when creating a game can potentially cost the gaming companies millions of dollars.


Hopefully this article has given you some video game tester career information, and perhaps a direction in starting your journey to becoming a video game tester. Be persistent and show that you are through, and you will have no problem making a career out of it. Remember the gaming industry is worth billions, and is only set to grow further, so there will always be a need for eager video game testers.
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