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Apply For One of the Many Merchandising Jobs Available

Aug 11, 2008
A merchandiser is a person that sets up displays for a particular company to show off and sell the products. When you search online for merchandising jobs, you will see that a person with experience in this filed has many choices with the numerous companies advertising that they have positions available. Merchandising is a broad term that encompasses many different activities that a person in this job would do to sell the products of the retailer that he/she works for. It can entail setting up a display at a trade show or arranging the products on the shelves of a store. The merchandiser is also responsible for coupons or promotional material that will entice customers to buy and become repeat customers.

When you work in merchandising, you have to be able to talk to customers and convince them of the merits of the products. You can arrange vivid displays or posters advertising the product and be willing to provide a demonstration, if necessary. Sometimes, such a job may involve taking inventory, getting rid of old stock and repricing the new merchandise that comes into the store.

In a typical position, you would be part of the staff of a retail store. You may be a full-time employee of that store or you may just be hired on a temporary basis to arrange the stock and prepare the displays. A company may hire you to visit various locations that stock their products to ensure that they are properly displayed and that promotional coupons are readily available for the customers to use to save money when they make a purchase.

Just about all retail industries that have several outlets require the services of a merchandiser. If the industry is a major chain store with outlets all over the country, you may have to do a lot of traveling in your job if you are hired full time by the company. This will give you a chance to visit many different locations and meet many people.

There are merchandisers who work out of their home and take on contracts. Quite often they have to turn down work because they are unable to meet the time constraints of two clients at the same time. You can be paid an hourly wage, which means that each job varies in the amount of money you make depending on how long it takes you to complete each one. You may also be paid a flat rate for each job that you do which could range from $9 to $20 or more per job. When you work in this way as a home based business, you can be very flexible in the hours that you work. You are able to choose the days and the times that you work because it really doesn't make a difference as long as the retail outlet is open when you are ready to work.

You do have to be able to lift heavy packages and to be able to withstand a lot of standing and kneeling in this type of work. The amount of lifting you have to do depends on the nature of the job you have. In a supermarket, for example, arranging products on a shelf will not require lifting any heavy boxes or cartons.
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