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Google Adwords Pay Per Click Explained by Simon Leung

Aug 11, 2008
I'd like to share these with you so to make your marketing more profitable...

You probably know that Simon Leung is the co-creator of Google Adwords-the most famous pay per click company. He gave an awesome presentation at the Master's Seminar in Chicago.

He gave the following strategies for creating Google- Friendly Adword pay per click campaigns:

1. Don't use more than 30% of the same content in the same ad. Make sure at least 70% is unique.

2. Google checks to see if your squeeze or landing page has a legitimate offer on it. It is a myth that they dislike squeeze pages. They don't like unethical pages.

3. Google checks to see if the deal you are offering in the ad is honored and delivered as promised. The delivery method should be clearly stated on the landing page.

4. They like to see ads that pre-qualify prospects. For example, it is acceptable to put the exact price of your product in the ad to discourage those who would never pay the cost of the product, so they will not click. On the other hand, if a prospect sees what he perceives to be a good price point, he will click and possibly buy because he is a targeted user.

5. Google does not mind if you capture email addresses, as long as you specify on your landing page how the information will be used and that you will ensure privacy and protection.

6. Google checks the website. The copy should have natural, relevant out-going links that make it easy for the potential customer to order and complete the sale. They like to see the words, "Click Here To Order." (Joel Comm would like to hear that. That's the title of his newest book. Oh yes, he did. He was at the conference.)

7. Google looks for unique graphics. They should be professional and of high quality.

8. Google checks for the proper use of keywords in your pay per click ads. It uses a relevancy scale of :
*Extremely irrelevant -advertising
*Somewhat irrelevant -online advertising
*General relevancy - adwords advertising
*Somewhat relevant -Google Adwords advertising help
*Extremely relevant -Google Adwords advertising help optimization service

They also check for the proper usage of negative keywords that discourage clicks from non-targeted people.

Each and every keyword in the ad must appear on the landing page. (Did you know that? I didn't.)

Simon suggests that you build out multiple variations of the keywords. Here are a few ways to do that:

*Use as many synonyms for your keywords as possible. That means words that have similar meanings. For example, if you wanted another word for money, you could use cash, moolah, wealth, windfall, capital, bread, boodle, booty, mammon, resources, bankroll, and assets. I didn't strain my brain to think of those. I pulled them up by clicking over to thesaurus.reference.com and I suggest you do the same.

*Use singular and plural for ALL keywords. That would mean that if you had the keyword phrase of webmaster resource, you should also have the plural of webmaster resources.

=Use common misspellings such as webmaster resorces. Some people slept through English and Spelling classes in school, but may be smart enough to want your product anyway.

Another thing that Google wants to see is action-oriented words. Tell people to do something specific such as
order, register, subscribe, etc.

Google checks for correct geographical keywords.
If you are selling globally, it should be obvious to the reader. If you are only selling to a limited area, that should be even more apparent.

Be sure to identify the product or service you are offering. Use the information from your site using clear statements that are grammatically correct.

Your title is vitally important. It should not only be eye-catching, but Simon suggests that it includes one main keyword and asks a question that the reader will identify with immediately. The prospect should be able to reply in agreement. He says Google likes to see titles with question marks at the end that follow this format. So let's use them!

Make sure your ads and landing pages set the correct user expectations. There are several ways to do that...
*State your price. For example, you could say Adwords consultation services for $1000 per hr, registration required, free application online

So, to summarize...

*Create Google friendly pages
*Build multiple highly-relevant
keyword and keyword phrases that pre-qualify people.
*Use highly-converting text

Test, test, test with as low as .01 before throwing your life savings at them.

You have precisely 95 characters to use in your pay per click ad. Use them wisely.
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