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Where to Find Wholesale Video Games Accessories - Answered!

Aug 11, 2008
There are right ways to get wholesale video games accessories at steep discounts in order to resale the merchandise and there are surely wrong ways to acquire such items. One of the best steps anyone should consider when looking for any type of accessories on the internet is to know in advance what the regular price for the item that you want averages for on the internet.

Instead of looking for the regular retail price locally where the product is likely not to have competition online, know what the average selling price for the item currently sales for online. This will later help you come up with ideas and strategies on how to maximize the value of your offering. For example, if you are offering a PSP, why not add in the same picture and same offer a protective case for customers insuring their new portable device from getting easy scratches and dents?

But before we can actually offer such value, we need to find the steep discount for the given accessories for your internet store. Where can you find such discounts and when? In order, the best place to start looking for discounts is through directories who hold thousands of listings of different types of wholesalers, distributors and suppliers all mixed by sub-category.

Your number one most precious resource being used for finding wholesale video games accessories will be your time. Even when you are doing things rights, it is not sufficient to follow such manual tradition. In my opinion, if by the facts you only have 24hrs in a single day, then you should not be messing with manual labor. You should be looking for ways to cut out your time by having someone perform for specific suppliers, distributors or wholesalers and then testing them one at a time.

While this process takes time it is one option to consider; however, not the smartest if you can invest to have others perform the research for you and thus saving you time in both the short term and long term growth of your operation. If you pay someone to do the research for you; and I must mention that these are actions usually followed in online marketing. Make sure the person has the resources and knowledge to do an effective research task on behalf of your company.

Now regarding what are the best times to actually seek wholesale? While any business day that you are ready is an appropriate answer, the experienced correct answer through wholesale and other markets is virtually the same, through the end of the month. Why?

When you seek games at wholesale prices when the month is ending people in sales, especially distributors and discount wholesalers tend to up the ante to eliminate current special offerings and limited time in-stock products. Most of the time they have to do so in order to offer and sell more brand new merchandise being offered to them by different department stores and manufacturers.

What this means is that whatever is left that they have scheduled to eliminate from the warehouse and they still have it, means that they will most often discount certain catalog specials to conclude with the order with you. Be sure to have these suggestions in mind when calling near the end of the month and looking for wholesale video accessories and general products that can be acquired at wholesale prices.
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