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Folding Door Security Gates

Aug 11, 2008
Even the sturdiest of doors do not always prevent unauthorized entry or break in. Intruders can and will enter virtually any door if they enough determination. Door security gates add an additional level of security to buildings that wish to restrict or prohibit access through one or more of its doors. They are made from a folding lattice of sturdy "channel that can expand and cover the entrance to the doorway, and they can be mounted either in the casing or the facing of the door opening.

Folding security door gates have been engineered to restrict access to door openings that range between 24" and 48" in width and 61" to 83" in height. Door security gates are made with a reversible hinge design that allows them to be mounted to either the right side of the doorway or the left side. When the gate is opened, it they will pivot a full 180 degrees to allow safe, convenient access to the building. Every door security gate includes a locking bar to secure the unit and block unauthorized access and/or intrusion.

Almost any building will benefit from a security door gate. Small boutiques and convenience stores top this list because most receive deliveries through a door in the back of the business that can be easily broken into at night after the business is closed. Placing a gate on the door will help discourage burglars looking for an easy target, and it can also possibly help a business receive discounts on insurance an if the carrier recognizes the value in added security. Convenience stores and gas stations can also benefit from security gates installed across doors that lead to garage areas, storage areas, and private offices. This not only helps property, but it also makes working at night safer. Adding a security door gate is something every 24 hour facility should strongly consider as a precaution against violent crime and robbery. Industrial facilities can also use security gates on doors that lead to restricted parts of the building. Because these gates are controlled by padlocks, it is a very simple matter to issue a key to only those who need to be in that part of the building.

Installing security door gates is simple. You simply stand the folded gate against the door frame and mark the mounting surface through the holes in the hinge bar. If you are mounting with wood, it works best if you use 5/16 X 2" lag bolts. If you are mounting the door security gate with steel, drill and tap for 5/16 X 2" lag bolts in 3/8" holes. Next, drill appropriately sized holes in the mounting surface, and then mount the gate by inserting the screws through the hinge bar. After you have the security door gate securely mounted, stretch it across the opening and line up the padlock hole in the locking bar with the padlock hole in the gate. Mark the mounting holes of the locking bar with a pen or pencil, drill the holes, and mount the locking bar with screws. Now the security door gate is ready to be pulled shut, and locked with a padlock.
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