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Suited Booted And Ready To Go! 5 Steps Of Management Training That Will Take You To The Top

Aug 11, 2008
It's a familiar tale, student years are long gone by and the world of work has been a reality for some time. Starting out as a rookie and working a way into a job that dreams are made of, but stuck in a role that you just can't seem to escape. You've got the clothes, and the attitude, but no-one is noticing that you have management potential. You just need to make the next step up the corporate ladder and find a way in. Management training is an excellent way to make the next move that can secure your career and give the drive you need to excel in the eyes of your boss or potential employers.

Step 1 - Positive thinking
The first step is to create the right frame of mind. Having a negative attitude shows in body language and speech, so don't lose hope and be down on yourself about a situation - believe that you have the power to change. Affirmations and positive thinking focussing on strong points are a must. Good communication, empathy, organization and determination are all powerful and essential qualities that a person can be proud of. Embrace these facets of yourself and push the self deprecating demons to the back of the brain.

Step 2 - Communication
Having sorted out a positive mindset, it is time to work on communication skills. Working with others, and especially managing a team means that you need to be able communicate confidently and concisely. Don't forget that communication is a two-way road - listening and understanding a colleague's opinions or problems is part of being a good manager. Take a look at your boss, how are their communication skills when it comes to listening? Is the reason you are still in the role you were when you started because they don't have the skills to listen to your ideas and understand your potential.

Step 3 - Performance
Boosting your performance in the workplace is a sure-fire way to get noticed by the boss and get that promotion. Think outside the box, ask to take on bigger challenges that stretch your brain and show you for what you are worth. Having the drive and desire to exceed present performance levels will scream out that a manager's role is yours for the taking.

Step 4 - Feedback and Coaching
In becoming a manager, you may find out that it is not just all about work. Office politics, personal problems and emotional traumas are all part of daily working life. Helping staff keep their self esteem and reassuring them that they have someone to turn to helps create a happy working environment. The skills learned through your own management training will come into full effect in boosting the confidence of your staff in themselves and in you.

Step 5 - Team Building
Through assertiveness, positivity and setting a shining example you will create a productive and happy team. Learn to notice the strengths of individual workers and match them with like-minded colleagues for collaborative projects. Delegate duties, and allow the whole team to brainstorm ideas and offer opinions. The greatest leaders are those that are willing to follow! An important aspect in cementing a good team is to have some shared social time, whether it is a drink at the pub at lunchtime or a full on corporate day out paintballing or at the races.

Understanding these basic points and implementing a new-found positive attitude will further boost your self confidence as a worker and manager. This positivity will be like a shining beacon to those you wish to impress. Remember that you will always be climbing your career ladder and there will be others climbing with you.
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Shaun Parker is a leading management expert with many years of experience in the training industry. Find out more about management training at the Management Centre, experts in training for management.
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