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Corporate Team Building - Bridges For Success

Aug 11, 2008
Encouraging a positive mental attitude in the workplace and fostering productive time management can be a difficult task for anyone in a managerial position. One of the ways that you could consider improving the working environment is by building employee moral through team building exercises. Announcing a compulsory corporate event will strike fear into some employees as memories come flooding back of office activities that were designed to break the ice offered nothing more than public humiliation. To appease those that doubt such activities can actually be a positive exercise, create a list of options available. It would also be helpful to give reassurance that in the hands of professional corporate entertainment managers, only fun is on the agenda.

It is important not to skimp on the cost of such a beneficial day, avoid the low budget events as the benefits of a successful team day out are priceless. Morales will be boosted, communication improved, barriers broken down and creative thinking improved. Happy workers are more productive, and a happy working environment produces a better quality of work. The positive mind frame set by the experience will transfer to the office and a building of a social network in the office environment will lead to an openness and honesty that is invaluable in the office hierarchy.

Events on offer range from corporate days out at sports events such as cricket, motor racing and rugby, to more specialised team bonding events. Music, fashion shows, treasure hunts, paintballing, tank driving, archery, game shows and quizzes are all available with varying degrees of interaction depending on the size of the group and account for all mental and physical abilities. Even if you want an event hosted that will have international guests, activities are kept simple and generic enough for all nationalities to understand and take part.

Quizzes and Game shows are an ideal choice for an exciting and engaging indoor event. These are often based on popular TV game shows such as Family Fortunes, Blankety Blank and Play Your Cards Right. There is even a competitive and challenging corporate competition based on the Apprentice which can be tailored to your company's specification as can the other games available.

Creative bonding events involving catwalk fashion, filmmaking, art, music and journalism can make for an incredibly exciting and mind-stretching day out. Breaking down the usual barriers is an easy task when it comes to creative challenges. From full day events that lead to a musical performance, to a 60 minute watercolour class, once again the level of ability and how much you want to stretch your employees' imagination determines the type of team development you can opt for.

In the summer months, why not make the most of favourable weather and dive into an outdoor pursuit. Competitive events like shooting and archery are great for highly motivated and driven workers. Rising to the challenge of competing against colleagues, the outdoor environment is a healthy way to exorcise excess competitive energy that might otherwise surface in an enclosed office environment in a negative way. For something a little less serious, It's a Knockout style games is a laugh a minute solution to burn excess energy for the whole company. Foamy fun and sumo suits will create a day to remember, and seeing each other in a comedic light can reverse negative office attitudes forever. One thing is guaranteed, the more effort that is put into building and bonding with your workforce, the more effort that workforce will make for your company.
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