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Folding Security Gates

Aug 11, 2008
Folding Security Gates restrict access to passageways and buildings without obstructing ventilation or obscuring visibility. Warehouses and manufacturers commonly use folding security gates to protect halls, building entrances, bay doors, docks, and rear entrances to plants. Educational facilities and medical care institutions also use them to restrict building access after normal working hours. Homes and offices can also benefits from folding security gates when extra security measures are desired and determined appropriate.

The classic folding gate design is that of an interlocking lattice of steel, riveted back to back to provide a sturdy barrier against intrusion and to withstand exposure to environmental elements. Standard sizes offered by Easy Rack from 4-1/2' wide by 5-1/2' high single gates to 16' wide by 8-1/2' high double gates. Door gates are made for door openings between 24" to 48" wide in heights from 61" to 83". Portable gates are available in sizes 6 and 12 feet wide. Easy Rack will also provide custom size single and double security folding gates up to 10' high.

Folding Security Door Gates

These gates are intended to secure door openings ranging from 24" to 48" wide and 61" to 83" high. They feature a unique reversible hinge design that allows them to be mounted to either the right side or the left side of the doorway in either the casing or the face of the opening. Each folding security door gate comes with a locking bar that can be secured with a padlock. When not in use, the gate will pivot 180 degrees out of the way when open.

Single Folding Security Gates

These one piece gates are intended for standard openings, patio doors, garages, and industrial and commercial entrances measuring 4-1/2' to 7-1/2' wide and up to 8' in height. Single folding security gates are shipped preconfigured to lock on the left (default position), but an Easy Rack specialist can have them manufactured to lock on the right side. A ball bearing caster, welded to the lead rail of the gate, is used to aid in the extension and retraction of the gate. Like door gates, single gates will pivot 180 degrees when not in use. To compensate from the loss of structure when the gate is stretched open, a drop pin holds the center of the gate in place.

Double Folding Security Gates

These gates are necessary for larger openings, overhead doors, dock doors, storefronts, and bay doors in factories and warehouses. These two-piece gates can be custom fitted to any size width, and a maximum height of 10'. Because they are Double Gates, each side will pivot 180 degrees out of the way, allowing the gates to be used with dock and overhead doors in industrial facilities that need an unobstructed passage for vehicles and material handling equipment to pass through.

Portable Folding Security Gates

These gates are routinely used in public schools and hospitals to seal off hallways, cafeteria areas, and sensitive areas within the building. They feature a two piece design consisting of dual 6' X 6.5' sections. They are easy to install because they are designed to pass through standard door heights and be can be rolled up for convenient storage. For extremely large entrances or hallways, additional 6' sections can be added on.
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