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Building a Website With Affiliate Marketing in Mind

Aug 11, 2008
Having an affiliate website can give you a boost above your other competitors who are signed up for the same program. Although you can make money without a website, if you are serious about making a business out of your affiliate programs, a website is an absolute must.

Pay attention to the affiliate or affiliate category. For example, if you are an affiliate with an electronics program, it is best to concentrate on names that encompass that whole list instead of calling your website domain name AtoQComputers.com. By going with a name like that, you may confuse some of your visitors, who may think that your site only deals with computers. Putting AtoQElectronics will let them know that you focusing on almost all electronics and not just one part of it.

Of course the biggest reason to have a domain name is that you can use it to cover the long affiliate link that you will eventually receive from your affiliate program after you signup. This will make your webpage look more professional if your domain says mysite.com instead of having to use the long sub-domain similar to, theirsite.com/computer/dffee5833/ref=youraffiliateidhere.

To take it a step further, you can also get web hosting at a low cost for your affiliate business. You can find a lot of free places to setup but many have problems such as loading too slow, low bandwidth levels, lots of rules on what you can't do and the biggest problem of all is that most will want to put ads on your site to help pay for the free service that they are offering. Unlike years past, hosting has become very low cost and you could spend more on coffee in one day than you would spend in one month for your paid webhosting.

Having your own website will help you stand out because many will pay for a domain name and then attach it to the link that the affiliate sites will give you. Unfortunately, this link goes to a premade page from your affiliate. If people have seen this many times before, they will simply hit the back button on their browser.

By having a webpage of your own, you can pre-sell. This means that you will have fresh content and information for your visitors so that when they click on the links to be taken to the affiliate, they will be more likely to make a purchase. Your affiliate sites give you the flexibility to add content that is different from everyone else.

You're not telling your visitors that they have to buy this product or service; you're telling them why they should. If you have come across thousands of review sites, it is because they go well with an affiliate business. You can create one page and tell your visitors which items offer the best value for their money. These reviews written by you or outsourced to a freelanced writer will give your site fresh content. Search engines love fresh content and this will mean that you will eventually receive more visitors to your site and increase your traffic.

Your affiliate website should be kept as simple as possible. You want it to load easily for your visitors so that they do not get frustrated and leave before your site has fully opened. Keep the flashy content to a minimum. Choosing the wrong font sizes, colors, shapes and background can back fire very quickly if your site makes it difficult for your visitors to read your content. A colossal mistake made by many who are trying to make money with an affiliate program is to fill the website with banners. This is something that should be avoided at all costs because people will think that it is a link farm.

A link farm is a website that has nothing useful to offer anyone who visits. It just contains tons of banners given to them by their affiliates. People have become wise to this over the years, so you should keep the number of banners on your site down to a low number. If you are doing a list of reviews for one type of product for example, it may be best to see if you can use the logo instead of a flashy banner.
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