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Yahoo Merchant - Offer Coupons and Gift Certificates

Aug 11, 2008
If you could do one thing that would almost certainly increase sales and repeat visits to your online store, and that one thing was part of an excellent ecommerce package that offered everything you need to run a professional online store, including payment processing, would you want to know more? The answer you're looking for is Yahoo Merchant or Yahoo Store.

One of the best ways to draw people to your online store is to offer coupons. Many people who receive a coupon, by email or through your web site, will visit your store to redeem their coupon, and find additional purchases while they are on your site. One coupon can bring in several sales you otherwise would never make. And once you have a customer, you can continue to follow up, offer more coupons and offers, and keep that customer over the long term.

Turning new customers into existing customers is an important part of helping your online store thrive, and offering coupons can help bring in those new customers and help convert them into long-term customers.

With Yahoo Merchant, offering coupons is extremely simple, and is built right into your online store. There's no fussing with programming; simply set up your coupon, distribute it and make more sales.

But coupons are only a part of the offerings at Yahoo Merchant. You can also offer gift certificates, which are an amazing sales tool. Imagine having one of your existing customers give a gift certificate to a friend, and having that friend come into your store, make a purchase, and become an ongoing customer.

The great thing about gift certificates is that you not only gain a new customer, but you also make the full sale price of the gift certificate, and offer your customers something new that they cannot get at many of your competitors, who aren't using Yahoo Merchant and do not have the ability to easily offer gift certificates.

When you set up your online store with Yahoo Merchant, you are partnering with a pioneer in online marketing. When it comes to providing professional web services, including ecommerce services, Yahoo Merchant is unparalleled. You absolutely will not find a better hosted ecommerce solution. In addition to the ability to offer coupons and gift certificates, you'll get a top-flight, professional online store, marketing resources including free search engine submission and paid search engine credits, and Yahoo's best-in-class support to help keep your store running smoothly.

Your online store is not a hobby, or something you're doing just because it might be fun. You're running your store to make money and build a long-term business. With Yahoo Merchant, you work with people who understand business-building. You know that you've got the best possible team behind you. That's important when your livelihood depends on your store.

Before you set up an online store, research the various options, including hosted stores, free scripts and paid scripts. Look carefully at all your options. Ask yourself, "Which of these alternatives provides the most reliable, professional store? Which one will get me the results I want?" You'll answer Yahoo Merchant Services.

Setting up an online store is just the start of running your online business. With a Yahoo Store, you get the support of Yahoo Small Business to host your web site. Yahoo Store is committed to helping you build a successful online store.
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