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General Search Engine Optimisation Advice

Aug 11, 2008
The majority of business today are realising the importance of search engine optimisation to an all encompassing online business plan. Without a focus on optimisation any business that conducts operations on the internet will feel the pinch; ultimately it is about attracting custom; with effective SEO it is possible to achieve high rankings and hence, more trade. The search engine optimisation industry is abounding with differing opinions on the best ways to conduct the process. For those who are uneducated, understanding the methods and techniques can be difficult, that is why a SEO specialist that can communicate effectively is vital. Hopefully the following information will help the lay reader to further understand the process.

Fundamentally it is important to commit yourself to the optimisation process completely. Understanding that SEO is not a one off event but instead a long term activity is vital. This is due to a number of reasons; firstly search engine algorithms regularly change meaning that unless you can keep up to date with changes, it is unlikely success will be achieved. Additionally in some industries, levels of competition are extremely high, meaning that if your optimising efforts dwindle, it is likely you will be overtaken by competitors. SEO is in no way instantaneous, having a long term approach is advisable, as with some competitive search terms it will take a great deal of time to reach the top of rankings.

As a business professional it is essential to research your SEO specialist thoroughly in order to assess their methods and levels of success. Some SEO tactics carry a great deal of risk as they are deemed unethical by the search engines. Subsequently research should always include a heavy focus upon the methods utilised, understanding what is ethical and unethical is vital when attempting to secure high rankings. In addition having this knowledge makes conversations with your SEO specialist more two-way, meaning that your input can be greater and you will gain more from meetings.

The first stage of online business success is constructing a great website. It is important to look at the competition in your industry sector and to assess whether the site you are building can really be considered one of the best in that sector. Search results take into account thousands of sites, to top these results a site needs to be well designed, attractive and above all useful. A site with little point or purpose is unlikely to achieve optimisation success.

As well as the on-page content it is advisable to spend time on the URLs, these should ideally be search engine friendly. This means avoiding certain characters and making them logical so algorithms can read them easily. As well as URLs the Meta information on a site should be created with care. Advisably it should be written in a way so that it is relevant to the on-site information, the meta tags are some of the first information that search engine spiders will see, hence making it relevant and attractive will result in higher rankings.

With all the talk of algorithms and spiders it is easy to forget the importance of the human user when creating a website. Naturally the automated processes are important but equally important is to create a site that is informative and logical so that human visitors will gain something from visiting. Ultimately you need to fill a website with well written content that is relevant to your products and services; after all, getting the visitors to your site is only half the battle, in order to convert visits to sales you should create a site that is easy to use and attractive.

It is hoped that this general advice will help those embarking on the optimisation process to achieve the ranking they so hotly desire. Remembering that the process must take into account the needs of both human and automated visitors is strongly advisable. This advice should however give the right building blocks for online business success.
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