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What is a Wholesale List?

Aug 11, 2008
A wholesale list means many things these days. What it used to be and what it now seems has many answers to its true definition. You got from wholesale property listing, to wholesale listings. It also goes from different brand posing as list of suppliers to anything that can be defined as a contact source for acquiring wholesale contact sources for re-selling purposes.

Today as you may already know there are literally hundreds of auctions all over the Internet trying to sell you what it seems to be a purse! To understand better the real definition, a wholesale list is a contact list of wholesaling distributors, suppliers and discount outlets. There is a major difference between a fraudulent list and selling merchandise as contact list. It is happening right now on the most popular auction site.

If you carefully read the auction description you will evidently see that many of these sellers are posing as legit sellers of prestige and recognize handbags when the reality is that they are just a scam person selling a contact list by adding a category description of bags, handbags and totes.

The little trick on this scamming trick on many popular auctions is to actually allure you with one or more pictures so you do not hesitate on reading the description of the auction. There are many people that have fallen for this scamming trick over the last few months as I continue to see the feedback profile of these sellers. The ultimate holds truth. These people either get suspended in the next day or receive plenty of negative feedbacks on the long run and later on vanish.

What surprises me if that such wholesale list keep being sold for time frames of week and no matter how much harm a buyer gets financially, the headache keeps on trucking for other newbies on popular auction sites. The easiest way to prevent getting scammed by auctioneers on wholesale contact list is to look for any kind of proof from the actual seller that validates his expertise on the subject.

To my surprise most of these sellers have never sold a single widget themselves, just care to look on their feedback or under their other items to see their reality. Are they making their money from the sale of merchandise on such auction site or from actual gorgeous pictures of hot cars and babes posing for their own auction! There is a big difference.

Then what may seem like obvious but is still not enough to stop these sellers from getting their way. Check their feedback profile to know how much actual merchandise are they selling, list they are selling through his or her feedback and most importantly, what rating does the seller have in their account?

If he or she has a feedback rating of 98% skepticism should immediately arrive if they still do not have over 100 feedback ratings. But importantly, the saying holds enough truth when it comes to a wholesale list for re-selling merchandise for retail purposes. In such industry most often, you often get what you pay for!
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