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5 Customer Service Traits That Guarantee to Bring Customers Back

Aug 11, 2008
Every so often we will cross paths with what I like to refer to as a customer service superstar. They are a breed apart from everyone else. We can never tell when we will have the honor of being served by one of these service superstars. They are in every type of organization and appear normal from all outside appearances. But be served by one of these superstars and we soon discover that they are head and shoulders above the rest.

What is the secret that makes these customer service superstars win us over? What is their key in consistently giving each customer an outstanding service experience? One of the first and foremost secrets in their winning ways is that these superstars make their customers feel valued. These people simply treat each customer as if he or she was the most important person on the planet. Customers walk away feeling like a VIP.

We soon recognize that these superstars live a life that tends to focus on the needs of others. We get the impression that they genuinely enjoyed assisting us. We also feel that the service performed had nothing to do with a person simply following a job description in order to get a paycheck. The service becomes a pleasant memory that is soon told to others.

These customer service superstars are the best because they also understand the mindset of the customer. They are sensitive to the needs and feelings of what customers think as they walk through the door. These superstars have a way of understanding the customer and making their experience as enjoyable as possible. By understanding the customer's point of view, they also begin to capture new ways to make the service experience more pleasant. Let's now look at the five qualities that define these customer service superstars:

1. Superstars are positive people

If we are to be customer service superstars, it is paramount that we stay away from a negative attitude at all costs. I have never met what I would consider a superstar who did not have a great attitude. It just goes with the territory. Their outlook on life is refreshing and positive. This is one of the top reasons that they are great at serving others. Customers' walk away feeling revived in the presence of these superstars. This is because the refreshing atmosphere creates a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Remember that the perception in the customer's mind is what really matters. If a customer feels that their service experience was below average, then it was below average. In reality we are in the customer perception business. This is why it is paramount that we periodically take an attitude check and maintain a positive atmosphere for our customers.

2. The superstars show enthusiasm

How many times have you been served by a person who lacked enthusiasm? How did that make you feel? In all likelihood you probably walked away feeling that the product or service being provided was average or below average. The reason for this is that the halfhearted person serving you dampened the whole experience. This is the power of lackadaisical service. Enthusiasm has a way of making the service experience more worthwhile. As customer service representatives, our goal is to make the overall experience enjoyable for the customer. One way of doing this is to be excited to serve them. If our job is to assist others, then by all means make each person feel as if they were the most important person in the world.

3. The superstars respond quickly to the customer

Because we live in a fast-paced society, our customers expect to be given quick and efficient service. Without this efficiency, the customer will more than likely walk away and remember the service as average. The goal should be to show that we respect our customers by simply respecting their time. The perception of the service will then automatically improve as a result of being quick and efficient during each transaction. Customers will then walk away not only feeling respected, but will more than likely rate us higher because of the efficiency of the service provided.

Try and recall those moments when you walked away from doing business with an organization and felt that the service was exceptional. More than likely you encountered a superstar who performed the transaction is a highly professional manner. He or she gave the impression that your time was valuable and swiftly took care to meet your needs. This alone left an indelible impression that the service was terrific.

4. The superstars strive for excellence

Another feature of customer service superstars is their ability to excel in their chosen profession. They desire to be their best on the job by giving their customers outstanding service. Their work ethic stands out because of the motivation to perform at a higher level. These superstars do not need to be motivated from the outside. Their inspiration is driven from within.

It is always impressive watching a service superstar performing on stage for his or her customers. They consistently have a way of giving 100% to their customers and offer them a great service experience. These superstars give the impression that they not only enjoy their jobs, but that they genuinely enjoy serving each customer.

5. The superstars are attentive

Comparable to responding quickly, being attentive conveys to our customers that we care about meeting their needs. If we reflect on the memorable moments of receiving excellent service, we will find that the person serving us was most attentive. They made us feel that we were the most important person in the world simply because they paid attention to meeting our needs. Remember that vast majority of customers enjoy playing the role of a customer simply because of the anticipated attention they are hoping to receive.

Teach these five excellent traits into your training and begin to see your service improve instantly. Your team will begin to outshine the competition and your customers will also become your best advertisers simply because of the exceptional service received.
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Cary Cavitt is a customer service expert and has published several books on the topic. He is available as a keynote speaker and for onsite workshops throughout the United States. Click for more customer service articles or customer service books.
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