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Careful With This Wholesale Video Games Sites!

Aug 11, 2008
Looking for wholesale video games online can be somewhat tricky. What you think is wholesale most likely is not wholesale and what you believe is a quality made product may surely may not be real at all. So how do you distinguish the apples from the oranges when looking for wholesale?

While most people usually let themselves seduced by how beautiful a website might be, persuaded by how they found their website, either with an affiliate page re-directing from other page from another site that appears to be busy in participation, there are a few hints you can take for precaution to avoid getting scam or even worst, your identity stolen.

One of the events I encountered one week ago was a site selling what appeared to be top brand accessories for gaming consoles accessories for both buyers and small business re-sellers. As they mention in their site, the website sold only for dealers. However, as his prices were too good to be true I just started items to my shopping cart in his website.

As I noticed in their checkout, they mentioned that they can only allow orders over $500.00 as a first purchase. Having this limit not a regular along wholesalers or distributors at all, skeptics in mind were to be logic. Why is this company having such a strong limit for video games accessories when most of the items were accessories and they hardly offered consoles? What got me most skeptical was the blank spaces of your birthday and social security number in case you did not have an EIN corporate number.

Here is the wholesale video games business ease to see blooper on them. How can a company write a TOS and confirm non acceptance of regular buyers when at the end of the checkout experience, they ask you for a social security number if they only allow dealers? First of all, we still do not know a dealer who is not protected from their own entity, be it by incorporation or LLC.

Second, to further know more of the skepticism the email header from a simple traced and an I.P look up from a tracking device from Read Notify and few other tools returned a company that was in Hong Kong but from an email reply from New York. Furthermore, the Who Is look up later on confirmed a Canadian address! Now three different set of rules of communication without a match!

Should you order from such site with such results? My suggestion is run! That is like saying, the sites still looks pretty and it will be fine to risk and send a money order in their name without issue. If you are going to put your credit card on file, just make sure the most basic, logic, fraud prevention questions immediately pass your skepticism.

If you feel something is missing from the wholesale video games store or something just does not check out correctly by you, do not order. It is really that simple. Better to be safe than sorry, right?
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