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Melting Autoresponders and Shopping Carts into One Effective Marketing Tool

Aug 12, 2008
One of the most overlooked e-business tools on the internet today is the ability to integrate your shopping cart checkouts with an autoresponder in order to verify the information that was received at the time of purchase. This very simple and effective method offers two different e-business tools to the internet marketer. First, the built in system not only gives your clientele a sense of professionalism and that they just made a purchase from a reputable website, but it also helps to eliminate the costly mistakes caused by simple human error.

When you are setting up your website (or improving an existing website) you should be able to find shopping cart systems that come with the autoresponder systems already built into the program, which if course enables you to start preventing human error mistakes and building your professionalism right away.

Messages that let the consumer know that you appreciate their business and perhaps even mention that it generally takes 3 business days to send out their order (or something more time specific to your site) should be kept as a separate autoresponder message from the receipt of purchase. Build a little confidence with your customer or potential client by using your e-business tools to communicate appreciation. Everyone loves to be appreciated. Melting your shopping cart into an autoresponder message that makes a customer feel as though their business counts is a great way to head off those cancellations that can accompany an immediate receipt of sale. Since autoresponder messages that show the customer access to all of their sale information might encourage a quick rethink of the purchase, which can then lead to a cancellation of the purchase.

If you are going for a super effective e-business tool with your shopping cart and autoresponder integration system, take a brief line or two to remind the consumer why they made their purchase in the first place, and how they can expect to benefit from their purchase and what a smart and excellent decision they made. Don't coat it on too thick, but giving them the feeling that they made a purchase that is not only appreciated by you but also will be appreciated by them is just one more way to confirm the sale and cement the sale simultaneously.

This is also a perfect opportunity to apply your e-business tool to the power of impulse buying and accessory purchasing. If you have additional items that can help enhance their purchase, tell them about it. If you are running a super special that will save them money on something that they might need to enhance their purchase, by all means, let them know. In some cases, it is perfectly acceptable to write out a few lines explaining that you want to thank them for their purchase by offering them a discount on these items that will enhance their purchase or offer them a discount on their next purchase of made within a specific time frame. For example, you could plug in, "As our way of congratulating you on your new purchase, we are offering you a fabulous 30% off of your next purchase when made within the next 48 hours!" or "We appreciate your business and we can also reward your decision to join the XYY team by offering any accessory item for a percentage off if purchased within the next six months." You want to leave them with the understanding that there is more that will benefit them and your e-business is happy to accommodate them to the best of your ability.

Use your autoresponder as an e-business tool rather than a method of harassing your customers. Do not send out chronic emails that will simply begin to annoy them and even dissuade them from future business with you. Think about how you feel about getting sales email too regularly. Cut your own autoresponder timing down to less than that and update your messages regularly to avoid duplicated effort.
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