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E-mail Your Way to Effective Network Marketing

Aug 12, 2008
Your e-mail address may be the most important line between you and your customers in network marketing. E-mail will be the primary method of communication if your company is operating exclusively online. It is in your best interest to establish a separate business e-mail address.

You can use your extra e-mail address to target a specific market or field. Extra e-mail addresses are also useful if you are in the habit of signing up for newsletters or free services available online. If a spammer locates your e-mail address and starts using it, you can simply close the account and start using a new one.

If you have a mailing list or address book for the spare e-mail account, be certain to update everyone if you change it. Otherwise, your correspondence may go ignored or be filtered out through spam monitors.

Signing up for a spare e-mail account is a relatively simple process. There are countless free e-mail address providers available across the Internet. Many only require basic information such as your name, address and current e-mail address. These are often required simply for verification purposes. Many providers will not allow you to sign up without an existing e-mail address due to the lack of security. They must know that a person, not an engine or robot, has signed up for the account. An actual e-mail address gives this needed validation.

If your desired e-mail address is taken, be flexible. There are many simple ways to achieve essentially the same name. For example, if your desired address is networkmarketing@myemail.com and you find it is taken, try a variation such as network_marketing@myemail.com.

E-mail marketing may be the best method available for a number of reasons. A good e-mail address gives you and your business the professional reputation you need. It also can be the first thing many see if you engage in e-mail advertising for your network marketing business.

E-mail marketing is inexpensive. There is no professional design team needed to advertise your business. You don't have to be concerned with placement in magazines or newspapers. Likewise, there are no fees or charges per character or per inch. There's also no worrying about publication deadlines because nothing "goes to print." It's instant communication without the hassles of a paper publication.

E-mail marketing offers you the opportunity to reach a global audience as opposed to a localized one. E-mail marketing also allows you to track each individual subscription quickly and efficiently.

We live in a world that is concerned about the environment. Many businesses are trying to find more "green" methods of conducting daily business. E-mail marketing is all about being green. It is a completely waste-free method of advertising that has absolutely no negative impact.

When promoting your network marketing business through e-mail, you want to avoid be labeled as a spammer. This is done with common sense. Opt-in advertising is known as "permissive" advertising for a reason. A recipient of your e-mail goes through a simple opt-in process of verifying their e-mail address. This is a reasonable step that will ensure that your company will not receive the spam label.

Selecting the right e-mail address gives your business a professional appearance that is impressive and memorable. It will give you a respectable foundation for launching any e-mail marketing or communication campaign.
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Network marketing and MLM home business will benefit from having separate email addresses for their target markets.Erik Gifford,a network marketing internet attraction marketing coach has posted a free article at network marketing guidance.
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