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Overview of Several Popular Role Playing Games

Aug 12, 2008
There are different categories of computer games. Role-playing games, shooter games, racing games are some of the popular categories of computer games. A shooter game emphasizes mainly on shooting as you need to use weapons in order to kill the enemies whereas a racing game emphasizes mainly on racing as you need to take part in races and win them by controlling a vehicle. Role-playing games are usually more interesting than shooter and racing games as a player needs to concentrate on a number of things.

In a role-playing game, you need to control a character and you need to do different kinds of things so as to improve the skills of the character and also to make a progress in the game. Sometimes, you're set free in a city that resembles real-world and sometimes, you're set free in a jungle, space or a different kind of world. You need to control a character and follow the storyline of the game.

What makes role-playing games stand out of the crowd is the fact that you're allowed to do a number of interesting things in the game. Usually, you're allowed to interact with characters available in the game, drive vehicles, use weapons and complete missions available in the game. In some games, you even need to complete side-missions so as to enhance the skills of the character. Generally, a number of missions are to be completed in order to complete the game.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City is one of the most popular role-playing games. With-in the game, you're asked to control a character and then you're supposed to complete missions that are part of the storyline. Apart from the main missions, you also need to earn money so as to purchase weapons, safe houses and vehicles. In Grand Theft Auto-Vice City, you're even allowed to drive vehicles and you can use them to travel from one place to another.

Grand Theft Auto-San Andreas is another popular role-playing game. You're put in a city where you need to establish contacts with people and complete missions so as to move ahead in the game. Apart from the basic things like vehicles, money, weapons, you're even allowed to interact with the characters available in the game. An interesting feature of San Andreas is that you even need to take care of the meals of the character and a delay in the meal results in a loss of energy of the character.

You even need to take care of the fuel available in the vehicle as the vehicle stops running as soon as the fuel is over. A gym is also available in the game and you can use the gym to improve the fitness of the character. So, you need to take care of a number of things.

The Godfather is another popular role-playing game. In this game, you need to control a character and then you need to complete the missions so as to move ahead in the game. You start as an unemployed individual and then you join a gang. After you join the gang, you need to complete missions that are made available over the course of the game. You need to kill members of other gangs so as to take over the control of the city.

To do so, you need to destroy warehouses, vehicles and members of other gangs. You even need to collect money from the shops and in return, you need to protect them from other gangs. A number of weapons are available in the game and you need money to purchase them. In The Godfather, you earn money by completing missions and by killing other gang members. A number of vehicles are also available in the game.

As the game progresses, the role-playing games get more interesting and fun-packed. However, role-playing games usually consume a lot of time when compared to shooter and racing games. Role-playing games are for the people who like to play games that are based on a character which is controlled by the player.
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