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5 Motivational Speaking Career and Business Tips

Aug 12, 2008
You are not in the speaking business! Instead you are in the business of marketing your speaking services. Your public speaking business will take off when you use not only your talent or message but also you learn to become a first rate marketer.

Early on in my professional speaking career, I would see many run of the mill speakers get public speaking jobs that even I couldn't obtain. I would see these speakers get job after job while I just sat there and scratched my head. My friend, John, who was a great speaker, unfortunately did not last too long in public speaking. The main reason was he was unable to make enough money to support his family by not getting enough bookings for public speaking. The one thing I know today is because I am a great marketer, not because I'm a great speaker is the reason I make a lot of money today. Here are some tips to help you do the same.

1) The first thing to remember when starting a motivational speaking business is to fill your bank account instead of filling your ego. Have the mindset to go after jobs that put money in your pocket instead of focusing on fame and stardom. Believe me. If you do enough seminars and speaking engagements, fame and stardom is inevitable in your motivational speaking career.

2) It's your job to teach people how to give you money. The conference planners and hosts don't always know what it is you want or need. I can guarantee you that they aren't focused on putting money in your pocket, their whole goal is to put on an amazing conference or seminar. You need to teach people how to give you money. You can pre-sell your book. Or you can show the conference planner how they can give the book out for free just by including the price of it in the registration fee. Offer back of the room merchandise and learn to pre-sell merchandise. You should never be afraid to go after the big money.

3) Know that one idea can make all the difference. Wondering how to make money with professional speaking, know that one idea is all you really need to get started. By doing different things you will help generate the ideas you need and then be prepared to take action on them.

4) You should never stop learning. In fact I will help you learn multiple proven, contested formulas that will attract continuous and unlimited wealth so that you can live stress free and live exactly how you want to live each and every day. You need to not only work right, but you need to work smart. You need to learn to use strategies that work instead of trying to work those get-rich-quick schemes that end disastrously.

5) You need to always be marketing. When no one knows you, they can't give you a public speaking job. Simplistic as this concept sounds, you'll often find people claiming to never advertise or dip into self-promotion. Marketing yourself is not vain. If you don't market then it's the same as shooting yourself in the foot.

Applying these tips to your public speaking career will ensure your business reaches the public speaking success you always wanted. So start using these tips today.
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