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Blogging and Web 2.0 - Blogging for the New Age

Aug 12, 2008
The new world of Web 2.0 has provided bloggers with an entirely new way of creating blogs that are interesting, compelling and informative. Not only that but the web 2.0 world allows bloggers to post their blogs to several networks at once with just a click of a button and a log in.

In fact, there are even software applications that will allow you to post to multiple sites at the same time. This can be a dream or a nightmare for many people who blog. A dream because it allows you to gain a greater amount of exposure across a wider market. This means more traffic and for many people who blog more traffic means more money and better rankings.

It can also be a nightmare because even with the use of software to assist in the actual uploading of the blog posts onto various sites you still have to remember all the usernames and passwords. This can be a real hassle for many bloggers despite the benefits of being able to post to several different sites at the same time.

One of the great things about blogs is the fact that you can do so many things with them. You can have a blog that posts both audio and visual clips; you can post pictures, even link to other sites easily and without too much difficulty. It is not hard to post these clips, links and pictures. Often time it is just a matter of uploading, if you are hosting the additions you are seeking to add or putting in the link where the file can be found.

You can even embed. Embedding means to place the clip or picture directly into your blog so that it can be viewed and loaded from the blog rather than through a secondary source. This is of benefit to a number of people because it actually increases the amount of traffic that you can get from any given site.

It also makes your blog more interesting as a result more people are going to become repeat traffic. Repeat traffic tends to advertise for you and that in turn increases the number of people who visit. While most bloggers do not do it primarily as a source of income, there is still a great deal of satisfaction to see a number of people visiting the blog, making comments and reading what you have to say.

There are a number of business applications for blogs as well. There are some businesses that use the blog as a way to bring traffic to their website, others who use it as a way to informally get to know their clients and be able to field what their clients are looking for. Others just use the blog as a way to keep people updated on the latest news with the business and what the plans are for the future of the site. Blogs have a way of becoming addicting. They are fun, they allow you to express yourself in ways you may never be able to do in person and they can be a powerful business tool.
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