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5 Hints for Writing Value-Added Web Content

Aug 12, 2008
Every SEO expert know that no matter how high your website is ranked, if it's full of fluff or superficial information it's not going to motivate a potential customer to return. One of the most important ways to market yourself and your business is to ensure that your website contains quality content. Why? Because good content motivates people to stick around your website and recommend it to others. Good, authoritative content inspires potential customers to trust you. It causes other experts and professionals to link to your site, and it helps improve your search engine ranking. Here are 5 hints for writing high-quality content:

1. Choose a Good Topic

If your business only sells one or two products or services, then your content will obviously focus on those products or services. But instead of offering cut-and-dried information about what you're selling, try first creating a FAQ sheet. Imagine what kinds of questions your potential customers will ask about your product or service, or start with questions that current customers have asked. Then use your content to answer those questions. While you may be passionate about passing along the ins-and-outs of your product, your customers will be far more interested in what it can do for them and what results they can expect.

If your business is large, your main focus will be on organizing your content well. If your content is poorly organized, customers will rarely stick around your website for long. Create a separate page for each product or service rather than filling a page with information about several products at once.

2. Choose a Good Author

Remember that the best person to write the content for your website is not necessarily the person who knows the most about it. Choose someone who can write non-technically and who can effectively communicate with the average consumer who may know next to nothing about your company and what you're selling.

3. Explain, Explain, Explain

When you're writing your content, pretend that you're talking to someone who has never even heard of your product or service before. Give them all the information they need to know to make an informed decision about purchasing your product or service. If they can't get their questions answered by reading your content, they're going to go somewhere else. If you're concerned that your pages will be too long and laborious, use links!

4. Make it Visually Appealing

A page full of text can be intimidating, especially if your potential customer is unfamiliar with your product or service. The first way make your content more palatable is to add graphics and images. Images draw the reader in and make him believe that your website is a friendly place. They also reinforce your message.

The second way to make your content easier to swallow is format the text in a user-friendly way. Use short paragraphs, lots of bullets and number, short sentences, headings, etc.

5. Use Links Liberally

The key to creating high-quality content is to create articles and information that will serve to make you an authority in your field. Create content that will garner respect from other experts and motivate them to link to you. Make sure that your documents include plenty of links to sources both within and without your website. People are more likely to trust your information if they can see that other professional concur with you. When others link to your documents, your page ranking will increase, and that's what every small business owner wants and needs.

Writing high-quality content takes time and effort. While many small business owners insist on writing content themselves, others find that they simply don't have the time given all of their other responsibilities. If you find yourself in the latter group, don't hesitate to contact an SEO expert internet marketing specialist who can point you in the direction of good content, or can even complete the writing for you. You won't regret that small investment!
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