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Starting a Career Driving A Truck - Things To Look At

Aug 12, 2008
If you want to become a truck driver, going to a truck driving school or training program at a nearby college are typical paths to enter the field. Before you head down that journey however consider if you are capable of passing the DOT (Department of Transportation) physical exam to make sure you will be able to be a truck driver.

First off it is not like you have to be in tip top shape, but there are some things that matter. For example do you have all your toes and fingers? Do you have health issues that would cause you trouble while driving (e.g., falling asleep)? For some things there are medical waivers and others most likely not. To find out how you will do before actually taking the physical contact a truck driving school or visit the DOT website to learn more. The key is not to sign up for training if you know you will not pass the DOT exam.

As all schools are different you will need to research each one you are considering attending as each truck driver training program will vary from school to school. For example, some may only be 3 weeks long while others could be 5 weeks or longer. Do your home work to make sure you understand exactly what you will be getting for your money.

During your truck driver training you should get some behind the wheel time. A better school may give you more time whereas a lesser school may not. After you have completed the school training portion you will likely work for a trucking company who assigns an experienced driver to work with you for awhile.

You do not want to rely only on what an experienced driver may teach you on the job. Going to a good school that gives you enough time driving and learning real world skills is also important so make sure to find out if the school you will attend does this.

To be more specific when it comes to truck driver training you are looking for a comprehensive program with adequate training actually driving. If the school only or mostly focuses on the books you may be short changed.

If the instructors at a school never worked very long for a real trucking company you may want to watch out. There is only so much you can learn from books and some of the most important skills will come from experienced trainers.

The most important thing is safety for you and the people around you. So try to avoid schools that do not focus on safety.
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