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Making Right Decisions More Often

Aug 12, 2008
Nobody can be right all the time, but many are making it more difficult to be right even some of the time.

The answer is because they tend to jump to conclusions too fast, and thus can misjudge a particular situation.

You can make a hasty decision fly, but you have to successfully land it. This applies to all kinds of examples. You may like the look of a particular car for instance, and your inner self will start making a case for having that type of car. You will often help the salesman to make the sale without knowing it by asking questions in a way to get answers you want to hear, such as: ' I take it the car does a good mileage to the gallon' or ' I presume that the resale value if quite good on this model ' or ' these are very reliable cars are they not?'

Instead, it would be prudent to have checked the facts about the fuel consumption of that car, how well does it hold the resale value, what was the report on the reliability of the model in question. Furthermore, getting to know out what other cars offer in value before making a decision is important. Flying on an instinct can be scary.

There are other instances where decisions are often made not in line with thinking ahead in a prudent way. Take the case of choosing a dolly bird for a wife. It may not be the best selection for a wife whose role must also be to devote serious time to the tedious task of housework, and possibly help in the running of a business.

It is mostly the serious quiet types that most rich businessmen prefer as wives, because it is more suitable for them, and also because in the long run, any other choice would end up almost certainly in problems.

The 'go along to get along' formula maybe a way to solve a few problems, but it is not a way on which to base all choices. To hope to make the right decisions in the field of share buying or currency trading for instance, one has to devote serious time to the study of such markets. Rushing things can limit making the right decisions.

It is easy to understand that an obese person would not be suitable to sell slimming biscuits, and that a good looking lady would be more suitable in selling beauty products. When it comes to dealing in special markets, it is not as easy to understand the good and bad points and well informed people have a distinct advantage. If you are not sure, consult the experts it is worth the money.

Many people have not landed the right jobs because in a hurry underlings have not made the right decision to put their name forward to be noticed. Wrong decisions are being made simply because the people making them lack the will power to go the extra yard.
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